Mitt Romney is Still Playing Great White Hope for the Racist Right

Jul 13 2012 Published by under Featured News

Behavioral scientists have opined that a human child’s social makeup is relatively cemented by age four, and it is one of the basic reasons racism is such a difficult affliction to alter. It is true that a child brought up in an environment that demonizes racial minorities has little chance of ever considering African Americans as anything other than  inferior beings regardless of tolerance training in schools or association with students outside the child’s own race. Now, consider a child brought up to believe that dark-skinned people are cursed by god until age 31 and it is nearly impossible to imagine that adult having any respect for African Americans and it explains Willard Romney’s racism. On Wednesday when Willard addressed the NAACP, he was not speaking to African Americans, he was alerting the white racists in America that he was unafraid to insult African Americans to their faces and tell them that if he is elected president, he will devote all his energy to eliminating any program that might benefit them, or as he said, non-essentials.

Willard was raised in a religious cult that demonized African Americans until 1978, and after being inculcated for 31 years that Black Americans were cursed by god, his racism begins to make sense. When Romney told the NAACP audience “I will eliminate expensive non-essential programs” in the federal government, including “Obamacare,” the crowd booed his remark; afterward, he said he expected them to react negatively. Of course he did. In fact, his sole intention was to show his racist conservative base that he was their great white hope and was brave enough to stand before African Americans and tell them their “free ride” was over if he is elected president. Don’t believe it? At a speech Wednesday evening, Romney defended his NAACP remarks and sent a clear message to conservatives that he will save the country from the Black race that is taking assets from white America. Romney said, “I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff.”

Romney encapsulated racist comments by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich during the Republican presidential primary that focused on the misconception that President Obama was “giving other people’s money to black people,” and that African Americans were happy to “settle for food stamps” instead of good living wage jobs. Indeed, Romney’s own campaign motto came straight out of Ku Klux Klan literature espousing the white man’s goal of “keeping America American;” translation; keeping America white. Willard made another statement that was meant for racist conservatives who would hear replays of the speech, and not for the NAACP audience. He said, “I believe that if you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe… you would vote for me for president.” It is obvious the NAACP crowd understands precisely who Willard truly is in his heart and so do the racists the remark was meant to assure that whitey Willard will keep America white.

Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts is rife with racism, and the American Bridge 21st Century organization generously listed his offensive anti-African American agenda during his tenure in a report titled, “Romney’s Record on Issues Impacting the African American Community.” Highlights of Willard’s racist accomplishments are; failing to appoint minorities to top positions in his administration, scuttled Massachusetts affirmative action policy, removed punitive measures for violating affirmative action policies, dissolving the hate crime task force, and levying taxes on individuals filing complaints with the Commission Against Discrimination, among others. If Romney’s record is not enough proof he appeals to white, god-fearing bigots, look at any photograph of his rallies and notice the absence of people of color.

Willard Romney is a lot of things; a wealthy elitist, pathological liar, and now he has exposed himself as a race-baiting Mormon. When the audience booed his promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, he smirked with great satisfaction that his racist supporters got the message their white knight insulted every African American in the country. Some pundits are calling Romney’s speech part of the Southern Strategy, but Willard was appealing to every racist in America who believe African Americans are clueless, lazy, and illegitimate Americans, which, by the way, is precisely how he describes President Obama. The other prescient point is that Willard knows he will not get the African American vote, so it reinforces the notion that his entire speech was meant for conservatives who supported Santorum and Gingrich because they promised to stop “giving other people’s money to black people” if they were elected president.

One of the first statements then Senator Barack Obama made during his victory speech in 2008 was that he would be President for all Americans. Racist Willard told America that he will be president to the wealthy, Mormons, and white America; there can be no other conclusion. Let’s face it, if he had a semblance of regard for African Americans, he would have spent his time calmly and reasonably attempting to convince the NAACP audience to see things his way, and not promise to eliminate “non-essential” programs that are important to African Americans (and all Americans) like the Affordable Care Act that allows 7-million African Americans to have affordable healthcare insurance or decent public schools. Romney’s speech was for teabaggers, Fox News, and Rush Limbaugh who came to his defense with more racial innuendos and affronts to African Americans.

Politicians give speeches that are carefully thought out and tested in advance, and Romney’s team knew the NAACP crowd would be repulsed at his comments. No doubt Willard’s speech writers were high-fiving each other when the audience booed his remarks about the ACA, because they knew the headline “Romney booed at the NAACP” would play well to the conservative base; especially the racists. For those souls who actually watched videotape of Willard’s speech, the celebratory smirk on his face when the crowd reacted negatively proved he got the response he was looking for and coupled with the speech to supporters later in the day bragging he told the Blacks their free ride was over, there can be little doubt he was race-baiting.

If Americans failed to see the character difference between President Obama and whitey Willard, they certainly have no doubts any longer. It is true that Willard represents the lowest moral character possible for a human being, but he outdid himself as a politician for deliberately insulting over 40-million African Americans, or 13% of the population. At a time when hate groups are on the rise, and talk of a coming race war, the last thing America needs is a presidential candidate using race to garner support. There were 1,018 hate groups in America as of April 2012, and the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that the potential for an increase if President Obama wins re-election is very high because “these groups are getting angrier and angrier. They’re looking at four years under a black guy who they hate,” and that really is the point of the opposition to President Obama. It is not because he raised taxes, signed a health law, imposed Socialism, or increased spending; it is because he is Black.

Romney’s speech clearly was race-baiting and no reasonable human being could think otherwise. What the racists learned from his address to the NAACP is that the white guy insulted all African Americans and put them on notice that he would “stop giving them other people’s money” and that if they knew what was truly in his heart, they will vote for him. So good job Willard, you insulted 40-million Americans, and told them that if they want more free stuff, vote for the other guy. One thing is certain, African Americans will vote for the other guy because unlike Willard Romney, President Obama is not a racist, greedy wealthy elitist, tax cheat, or a pathological liar and it is why he will win re-election and continue working for all Americans; even Willard’s racist cult.


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