Job Creation: A Means To An End For The GOP

Jul 13 2012 Published by under Featured News

The GOP likes to talk the talk about jobs and their god like “job creators.”  But, actions speak louder than words.  Despite promising during the 2010 campaign that jobs would be their first priority, the GOP has focused on circumventing Roe v. Wade, and pushing tax breaks for the wealthiest of the wealthy.

The latter, they say, will encourage job creation.  However, the Bush tax cuts have proved repeatedly that the only thing the Bush tax cuts have created is welfare for the richest of the rich.  Despite all the handouts, the so called “job creators” received, they did nothing to create jobs.  In short, there is no data to support the premise that tax cuts for the 1% creates jobs.

Our history has shown that startups and small business create way more jobs than companies like Bain, or any older large corporation.  Moreover, there is a nexus between job creation and a vibrant middle class.

There is nothing to support Romney’s theory about job creation.  We saw it under George W. Bush and the result was an economic meltdown from which we have yet to recover.  The very idea of trying to resurrect those proposals is not only detrimental to our economy; it is offensive to American voters.  I say offensive because it is akin to saying:  “There’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you.”

Republicans nixed anything that would help create jobs, in the name of making Obama a one-term president.  Keeping the unemployment number high by sabotaging the economy and blocking anything that will either preserve or create jobs is all in the name of having a Romney coronation in a few months.

Moreover, we know about Romney’s record when it comes to jobs in America.  If he knows how to create jobs, as he has claimed on the campaign trail, it sure wasn’t during his days at Bain.  He did hone his skills at the outsourcer in chief, but not as a so called “job creator” in America.

In many respects, this seems counterproductive.  Why would the GOP kill jobs and block job creation proposals?  Aside from the obvious axiom that a poor economy is bad for incumbent presidents, Lipstick Liberal’s character Mob Wife has a plausible explanation.

Aside from the prospect of winning the White House, the GOP has to answer to its puppet masters aka the so called “job creators.”  Sure, they will create jobs after the minimum wage is a fact of history, safety standards are eliminated and they can exploit child labor.  This is not about creating a better America.  It is all about creating a better profit margin for the so called “job creators” that pull the GOP’s strings, as Mob Wife explains here.


Today on the Lipstick Liberal Show, we answer viewer mail!


Hello, this Vicky Ruggiero, alternate cast member

Even with airbrushing, those bitches and got no class, like me.

Today’s viewer question, “Why are the Republicans blaming President Obama for unemployment, when they have voted against every jobs bill he has tried to pass through congress these past four years?”

What are you stupid or something?

Look, I am not saying these Republicans are mob guys,

No, their mob wives, who will “cut a bitch” o get their man back.

You don’t help a f**king “Goumada” who stole  your man!

And REAL mob wives They will hit, They Will Punch, They Will Stab

They Will Lie, then send the whore to the hospital

You think 4 years is a long time? I’ve been on and off with my Johnny for 12 years, and just like the Republicans now, I had to cut a lot of bitches for him to realize, who he needed to be coming home to.

So, you see; Obama, jobs, goumada’s, cutting bitches…there all the same in my world.

And now my world, is your world. Ya, the Republicans, are like Mob Wives, they will cut a lot of bitches to get their man back.

Until next time lipstick liberal says,

(blows kiss) mmmmuuuuuuaaaa!!!!)

End of Transcript.

Well, Mob Wife may have said it a bit crudely, but the reality is the GOP is behaving crudely when it comes to job creation.

They don’t care about the people who do the work.  Jobs are nothing but a means to a profitable end for the so called “job creators” that the GOP answers to.

In reality, the GOP’s effort to block jobs is about extorting support from Americans.  The hope that people will just submit to GOP ideology if there’s a job at the end of the coal mine.  Any job.  Any pay, just something.

It’s crude, it’s rude and it’s inhumane!

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