Michelle Malkin Lies About Black Caucus Leader's Comments on NAACP Booing

Jul 12 2012 Published by under Featured News

Another day, another round of lies and outrage from the race-obsessed right wing.

Malkin accused Cleaver, the head of the Congressional Black Caucus in the 112th Caucus, of saying it was racist to criticize the President. If this is what Cleaver really said, yes, that would be something worth discussing. But of course, as you should know by now, when Malkin is speaking, she is more often lying than not.

What Rep Cleaver (D-MO) really said on MSNBC was that booing Romney on healthcare “inappropriate but predictable” and “he (Romney) should never have gone there in the first place.”

Watch here:

Malkin said, “I thought it was obnoxious. I understand from Congressman Cleaver – Emanuel Cleaver – that apparently it’s racist to criticize the President at all, but somehow it’s fine to receive a guest – and invited guest – in the way that booing audience did.”

Yes, according to Michelle, Romney is a guest while the members of the NAACP are “obnoxious” when they express their free speech, which we all know is best left to screaming Tea Partiers carrying loaded assault weapons to town halls while discussing how “Obama Care is killing babies”.

“Obama Care” is indicative of the kinds of juvenile slurs the Right’s leaders and elected officials engage in on a daily basis. It started off as an insult, just as Republicans still say “Democrat Party” instead of “Democratic Party” because somehow insulting people while giving a speech to the general public or on TV is just how they do business. It’s as if Democrats starting calling conservatives “Cons” and expected them to just sit there silently for years. The Right seems to think that just because no one calls them out on this on Fox News, it’s okay with the entire country.

Let us help the Right out – find Waldo the “reverse racist” claiming that to attack the President is to be a racist:

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Transcript from Politics Nation:

SHARPTON: Chairman Cleaver, let me start with you. Why did Romney 
make this speech today? You hear my feeling. What do you feel?
CLEAVER: Well, I don`t know whether that were strategic moves that 
dictated this speech is made to the NAACP and that he would then offer 
something to the base. I`m not sure. I would choose to believe that he 
legitimately wanted to go to the NAACP. I think that all presidential 
candidates ought to do that. Even Republicans who are not generally going 
to receive a great deal of African-American support. For variety of 
reasons we don`t have time to go into on the show.
But I do think that his advisors, even if he was serious, even if it 
was genuine, his advisers all should be fired today. For allowing him to 
speak to the NAACP and then attack Obama care or Romney care however you 
want to put it. Because you know that that audience is not going to 
embrace that.
And so, I would hate to be cynical to the point where I believe that 
he wanted the booing to take place. I hope that that`s not true. But for 
him to come there and then talk about President Obama to a crowd where 
probably Obama received 97 percent of votes from that room, doesn’t make 

Okay, so it wasn’t in that appearance. Maybe it’s Cleaver with Thomas Roberts earlier in the day:

Here Cleaver says, “I didn’t support the boo, I think that was in appropriate but predictable when he’s saying ‘I’m going to eliminate something’ that the African American community has embraced in numbers larger than any other component of American society. He should never have gone there in the first place.”

Where is the word racist in Cleaver’s statements? Nowhere! What was he saying? Why, he said that that booing Romney on healthcare “inappropriate but predictable” and “he (Romney) should never have gone there in the first place.”

I haven’t heard anyone sane make the argument that all criticism of the President is racist. I have, however, heard a lot of angry people use that as their get out jail free card when they are being fact-checked on lies they are spreading about the President. That said, there are some attacks on the President that do smack of racism, and the Right’s false claiming of “using the race card” is meant to distract from that fact (their faulty reasoning is if they can prove it wrong this time it is wrong every time, and they do this by making a false claim to begin with) as well as distract from the real point that Romney made a fool of himself yesterday.

Claiming racism as Cleaver’s point moves the goal post conveniently, but it’s inaccurate, inflammatory and frankly, leads to tons of typical right wing ugliness.

Here’s a bit of said ugliness by the Right (how proud they must be):

Another Hate blackie, time to grow uo.
Cleaver and rest of the retards with the Communist Black Caucus are just slaves to the Demorat Party!
So this racist tool is upset that he didnt pander to them?
90% of all blacks will vote for that piece of shit Obama anyway. racist bitches.

What was that about racism again? The right’s response is to call Cleaver “blackie” “slaves” “racist tool” and “racist bitches”, but we’re not to call the Right racists. According to the Right, the real racists are the black people who didn’t show Romney the deference he deserves as a white Republican.

Wasn’t it Republicans who were cheering a reporter interrupting the President during a presser, and wasn’t it Republicans who cheered the heckling of the President — but now, when it’s their candidate, the people who are booing are racists.

Obama Care has been used by Republicans as a slur for so long that they feel entitled to insult people to their face with no repercussions. The audience booed because they were offended by Romney’s Obama Care slur, something Republicans use so much perhaps they’ve forgotten it was an insult that might not pass outside of their bubble. Or maybe they just expect certain audiences to have to take their insults with their mouths shut.

Here’s a note to Republicans and the persecution-complex suffering right: When you speak to an audience, try not to insult them. If you insult them by using “Obama Care”, which has been used as an insult against President Obama for three years — replete with lies that he is killing babies and creating Death Panels, expect to be booed.

Mitt Romney is not “entitled” to speak to the NAACP and insult the first black President by smearing him with the one lie that has been used to discredit his biggest achievement without repercussions. If indeed Romney was a guest, as Malkin claims, then as the guest he should have shown respect for his host’s home territory. Civilized guests don’t insult their hosts.

Also, Romney’s later comments that some people just want free stuff and that’s why they vote for Obama aren’t exactly helping racial matters:

When I mentioned I am going to get rid of Obamacare they weren’t happy, I didn’t get the same response. That’s ok, I want people to know what I stand for and if I don’t stand for what they want, go vote for someone else, that’s just fine. But I hope people understand this, your friends who like Obamacare, you remind them of this, if they want more stuff from government tell them to go vote for the other guy-more free stuff. But don’t forget nothing is really free.

According to Romney, black people don’t pay taxes and they don’t buy health insurance. They just want free stuff.

The Right seems to feel awfully entitled to insult whomever they chose and get off scot-free for it. When they don’t get off scot-free, they make up utter lies about those same people, writing off their feelings with the lie that black people take the position that no one can criticize the President or they are racists.

Watering down the issue of racism by claiming the oppressed group is crying wolf when in fact they said no such thing completely diminishes the real issue of racism – and they wonder why people think conservatives are racists?

The Right expects that Romney has the right to use “Obama Care”, which has been a taunting insult against the President for three years by elected Republicans no less (since then embraced by the President, but that doesn’t mean people don’t know how the Right means it), and the hosts are supposed to sit there silently after being metaphorically slapped in the face TO THEIR FACE? Because – what- they don’t have the right to free speech? Screaming insults and heckling are reserved for white people, or white Republicans specifically?

It’s obvious that the Right deliberately stirs up the racist sentiments of their base with false claims. This is a political strategy designed to get the angry white vote. But that doesn’t excuse the ugliness of it, the results of it, or the choice to do so.

So, yeaah, I’m going to go there. What the Hell, Michelle? Do black people have the right to speak their minds or not, in your opinion? Why are you discrediting them when they do, claiming they used the word racist when they did not? And why do you refuse to accept that perhaps people don’t enjoy being insulted to their faces?

Yes, Michelle, and yes, Republicans. Even black people are offended when you insult them to their face. The President has just been too kind to call you clowns out on your juvenile behavior, but now that you know how the people REALLY feel, maybe you should wash the egg off of your face before you spread more lies. Plenty of white people would have booed Romney’s Obama Care line, and he’d know this if he ever got out of his bubble. After yesterday, the chances of Romney venturing out to meet an unvetted audience are slim.

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