Romney's Bad Day Gets Worse as Obama Hammers His Middle Class Tax Hike

Jul 11 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

The Prez says that Romney wants to raise taxes on 18 million Americans while at the same time, W. Mitt Romney supports tax breaks for the elite, oil companies and those who ship jobs overseas. Rah rah USA!

The President is now running an ad saying exactly what I have been nattering on about for the past week, and even PolitiFact gave the claim a mostly true rating (that’s saying a lot for PolitiFact, who still isn’t sure that privatizing Medicare will end it as we know it, though they note that “even when explained accurately, the Republicans’ Medicare plan was not particularly popular with the public, nor with some independent health policy analysts. But the plan was distorted and attacked again and again.”).

Watch the President drive this point home:

I’ve been writing a lot about the Republican plan to tax the middle class, including Romney’s plan to tax the poor, because it enrages me when the media allows Republicans to pass their party off as the party of no taxes, when they are the party of taxing those who can least afford it.

Conservative Republicans keep daring me to prove that Republicans would ever raise taxes on anyone. Have they seen the House GOP tax plan? Apparently not. It seems they also have failed to read Romney’s tax plan, and in addition, that Obama stimulus they keep complaining about — which by the way, for the majority of Americans who are still unaware, is not the Bush TARP bailout of the banks — is chock full of tax breaks for the middle class. President Obama has lowered taxes 18 times for small businesses alone.

Obama is the tax cutter for the middle class and small businesses. The Republicans, so busy protecting the 2%, held the middle class hostage in order to get their tax breaks for the top 2%. They have yet to hold anyone hostage over tax breaks for the middle class, although they happily hold tax credits for the middle class hostage in order to benefit their corporate, elite, 2%er backers.

Finally, someone has caught on to the Republican “party of no taxes” scam. Thank you, President Obama, and thank you PolitiFact. Romney and the modern day Republican Party have shown NO interest in helping the middle class, let alone the poor and needy. Their policies reflect their Randian rhetoric, and this is the result. President Obama is going to call them out on it.

Your media will probably never tell you this, since 10% of them are funneling a corporate funded agenda to you courtesy of Koch affiliate Franklin Center, and naturally, the only way the corporations can get you to vote to fund another tax break for them while you carry the burden of their pleasure is by misleading you. Thank goodness we still have Google and President Obama.

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