Mitt Romney NAACP African American Photo Op Results In Total Disaster

Jul 11 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney was not only booed for saying that he would repeal ObamaCare, but the entire speech was a disaster that will dominate the news cycle.

Here is the video of Romney getting booed:

Romney’s speech was filled with uneasy and awkward moments such as,

But there is another reason: I believe that if you understood who I truly am in my heart, and if it were possible to fully communicate what I believe is in the real, enduring best interest of African American families, you would vote for me for president. I want you to know that if I did not believe that my policies and my leadership would help families of color — and families of any color — more than the policies and leadership of President Obama, I would not be running for president.

I know what it will take to put people back to work, to bring more jobs and better wages. My jobs plan is based on 25 years of success in business. It has five key steps.

First, I will take full advantage of our energy resources, and I will approve the Keystone pipeline from Canada. Low cost, plentiful coal, natural gas, oil, and renewables will bring over a million manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Second, I will open up new markets for American products. We are the most productive major economy in the world, so trade means good jobs for Americans. But trade must be free and fair, so I’ll clamp down on cheaters like China and make sure that they finally play by the rules.

Third, I will reduce government spending. Our high level of debt slows GDP growth and that means fewer jobs. If our goal is jobs, we must, must stop spending over a trillion dollars more than we earn. To do this, I will eliminate expensive non-essential programs like Obamacare, and I will work to reform and save Medicare and Social Security, in part by means-testing their benefits.

Fourth, I will focus on nurturing and developing the skilled workers our economy so desperately needs and the future demands. This is the human capital with which tomorrow’s bright future will be built. Too many homes and too many schools are failing to provide our children with the skills and education that are essential for anything other than a minimum-wage job.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, I will restore economic freedom. This nation’s economy runs on freedom, on opportunity, on entrepreneurs, on dreamers who innovate and build businesses. These entrepreneurs are being crushed by high taxation, burdensome regulation, hostile regulators, excessive healthcare costs, and destructive labor policies. I will work to make America the best place in the world for innovators and entrepreneurs and businesses small and large.

Romney went off script when he got booed and he cited a study from the Chamber of Commerce claimed that ObamaCare will kill jobs. It would be unfair to say that he lost the crowd with his ObamaCare line, because he never had the audience with him.

Mitt Romney’s big solution that he tried to pitch to African American voters can be summed up as if you give the wealthy and corporations more, they will create jobs for you. The audience was never receptive to Romney’s message, and he probably would have been better off skipping the charter school stuff in his speech, and actually trying to speak to the audience.

Voters of all races have heard everything that Mitt Romney is offering for decades. Romney is breaking out the Republican stock and trade pledge that if we give the people at the top more, they will generously let everyone else have a few crumbs.

Mitt Romney’s inability to connect with his fellow humans was on full display today. When he was booed, Romney could have seized the opportunity to go off script and talk to the audience as people. Recent presidents like Obama, and Clinton would have done this. Heck, even George W. Bush might have cracked a joke, but Romney isn’t capable of that sort of behavior.

Unscripted moments can make or break a candidacy. The headlines would have been totally different if Romney would have been able to turn it around and use the audience’s displeasure to his advantage. Instead, the headline is Awkward Mitt Romney Booed at NAACP Convention.

A potentially good moment became yet another epic Romney disaster, and the Romneybot 3000 still has no idea what it takes to be a human being.

Another day, another epic disaster for Mitt Romney.

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