Mainstream Media Slams GOP For Wasting $50 Million on ACA Repeal Votes

Jul 11 2012 Published by under Featured News

CBS News did a segment on Republicans wasting $50 Million on health care repeal, while not creating jobs. Republicans haven’t voted on Obama’s jobs bill yet, but they found time to vote to repeal the ACA again today. This is the 33rd time House Republicans have tried to repeal the ACA, even though they know it won’t go anywhere. Those are CBS’ words, not mine.

Isn’t it great when the media does their job? Watch here, as Americans learn just how much money the House Republicans have wasted on a show they know is going nowhere.

Here is the video from CBS:

The Rapid Response team wrote, “House Republicans began their Majority by voting to end Medicare for seniors, and they will end their Majority by voting once again to repeal critical patient protections for the middle class. The Republican record is clear and consistent: millionaires over Medicare, and insurance company profits over middle class patients.

After over 30 failed attempts to protect insurance company profits instead of middle class families, it’s time for Republicans to stop the political stunts.”

CBS notes that Republicans have taken up at least 80 hours, that’s two weeks, of time trying to repeal the ACA, knowing it won’t go anywhere. They also point out that while critical deadlines loom over important issues like the Bush tax cut expiration, House Republicans instead waste time on a repeal vote to nowhere.

Nancy Cordes interviewed Eric Cantor, who could barely contain his smug smile over his “victory” today. I’m sure he had no idea that the main stream media was actually going to do their job and report just what a waste of resources his show was. He was asked, “Haven’t you made your point already?” That dimmed his cat that swallowed the canary smile for a moment. I believe I saw him blink in slow awareness that this wasn’t going to be like his other interviews.

Cantor proceeded on with his wind up doll talking points about how Americans have rejected Obama Care, and swore they had something else to offer us. Why they haven’t shared it with us is a mystery. Oh, that’s right, they did. It was a few pages long and full of graphics back in 2009, but as Ms Cordes notes, they have crafted no formal plan to replace Obama Care and have “no immediate plans to do so.”

Ms Cordes concluded that the real goal of Republicans was to tie vulnerable Democrats to an “unpopular” law in an election year. How’s that pre-existing condition working out for everyone? Maybe after Americans get their rebate from the insurance industry they’ll be a bit happier, or maybe if Republicans weren’t so busy lying about Obama Care, Americans wouldn’t be so afraid of having healthcare that can’t be ripped away from them when they need it.

Is this really how you want your tax dollars wasted, on grandstanding by Republicans? When are they going to get down to the people’s work and VOTE ON A JOBS BILL ALREADY.

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