Raging Bully Chris Christie Threatens another Innocent Constituent

Jul 06 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Gosh, Governor Christie has been showing off his temper so much lately you’d think he was auditioning to be Mitt Romney’s running mate.

TMZ caught the angry Governor yelling at a constituent last night:


Gov. Christie (R-NJ) was hangin’ with his family in Seaside Heights … and had just ordered an ice cream cone when a passerby fired off some snide comments about Christie’s policy on education.

Christie got PISSED — and while clutching his cone, shouted back at the guy, “You’re a real big shot … you’re a real big shot shootin’ your mouth off.”

The man shouted back, “Nah, just take care of the teachers!”

The comment only enflamed Christie … who aggresively marched towards the guy and warned, “Keep walkin’ away … really good … keep walkin’.” (sic)

Yeah, that will show you, dumb person who votes! That will teach you to suggest the Governor dare to take care of teachers!

Being pro-education for all is obviously akin to drawing a gun in the mind of a Republican. Seen in that light, this can hardly surprise you. Also, there are those hopeful rumors about Christie being Romney’s VP, and nothing says Republican Vice President like belligerent bullying.

Watch it again and tell me you aren’t dying to see this guy as your VP for the free speech!

Nothing says I’m the big man like abusing the power of your office to aggressively intimidate your constituents! Governor Christie stands his ground, biotches, and that concludes today’s audition for Tea Party VP Darling.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where it’s rumored that Christie might toss an evil liberal reporter to the ground after he asks another “stupid” question, for the liberty! Knuckles, scrape, huh!

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