Some Independence Day Humor from Lipstick Liberal

Jul 04 2012 Published by under Featured News

It’s Independence Day! For all too many, the day will involve enduring sweltering heat, as a result of the climate change that the Republicans and the Tea Party deny exists.
For many of us, it is a day with family and friends as we enjoy barbecues, picnics and perhaps some fireworks.
It’s a day to remember the sacrifices that went with gaining our Independence from Britain. We should also remember the far right would like to establish our dependence on a corporate plutocracy. People, like Scott Walker chant independence … from the values we hold dear. The right to vote. The right to bargain collectively. The ability to earning a living wage and for that matter, the ability to live.
Lipstick Liberal pays tribute to the Tea Party’s hero, Scott Walker, with her usual great humor!


Tea-Partiers, Republicans and Conservative Americans!
Today, as you are honoring America’s Hard-Fought Victory of Independence with Parades, Red Flags and Fireworks.
We are honoring the Hero of HIS hard fought Victory of Independence!
Yes, a man who like our forefathers, used use his limited resources
to fight off power-hungry drug pushers, Greedy indoctrinators
Elitist collectors of Garbage!
Yes, those REDCOATS, who said you don’t have the unalienable right to try and destroy lives!
But I say this is America people!
Where you don’t win a war by dying for your country,
You win by making those other poor bastards die for it instead!
So, to this Hero of Independence,
who showed us the way to a Life of Liberty and the true pursuit of Happiness.
I say, congratulations on your Victory!
Happy Independence Day….GOD DAMMIT!
Until next time Lipstick Liberal says…muuuaaaa!
End of Transcript
Ah yes in the name of independence, let us celebrate our freedom from the indoctrinators, from the draft dodgers who advocate war and from the guy who seeks to be our outsourcer in chief.
Happy Independence Day!

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