Obama and Radical Islam: The Ultimate Obama Hater's Conference

The Nazis made hay off a supposed relationship between Marxism and Judaism, part of a conspiracy to overthrow the West and destroy European (white) culture. They made that their sales pitch during the war, trying to recruit Europeans to fight with them against the Bolsheviks. Over and over and over again it was Bolsheviks and Jews. It was a catchy slogan for many, given the attitudes of the time. It wasn’t easy to find an anti-Semite and Bolsheviks – well, you either were one or you hated them.

Pan ahead a few decades and we find something similar going on in the Republican Party – a correlation between Marxism and Islam. This too, serves as a rallying cry for those determined to protect white European (in 17th to 19th-century America they called it “Anglo-Saxon”) culture. It’s an easy sell for Obama foes because Republicans love to call Obama a Marxist; they love to call him a Muslim too. And everyone knows how well atheistic Bolshevism goes along with…religion?

Yeah…well, don’t expect a lot of thinking to go into this, all right? Marx is the guy who said “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.”

Definitely someone has been smoking too much of something. Take a look at LeninAndSharia.com, the brainfart of Cliff Kincaid. This guy is the president of America’s Survival and Accuracy In Media. Kincaid claims that America’s Survival  (ASI) “exposes the international communist movement” (some people never move out of the 50s, do they?). You might get a better sense of his agenda when you find out that “Our ongoing efforts include a project to educate the public about the influence and activities of Communist agents in America, including members of the terrorist Weather Underground and Frank Marshall Davis, who was Barack Obama’s childhood mentor.”

The misnamed Accuracy in Media (AIM), a sort of anti-Media Matters, was founded by Reed Irvine but they let Kincaid serve as their Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, which is like putting an illiterate in charge of a spelling bee. This is kinda funny because AIM’s whole thing is supposed to be (like FOX News) “fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting.” Why not accuse a demonstrably Christian president of being not only a Marxist then but a Muslim?

Kincaid, who apparently actually cares nothing about “fairness, balance and accuracy in news reporting” is billing his Washington, D.C. propaganda stunt as the “most important conference of the year.” On July 19, he will present his conference on Obama’s Marxist roots: The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection.” (is it any wonder Media Matters calls AIM “A Cesspool Of Hate And Conspiracy Theories”?

Take a look at Kincaid’s preview:

Yes, Obama, the radical Islamist, the guy who killed Osama bin Laden.

I warned you: not a lot of thinking went into this.

But then AIM has previously supported the Ugandan “kill gays” bill; said that repealing DADT was a “recipe for national suicide” and most regregiously of all claimed that “The Nazi Party Was Entirely Controlled By Militaristic Male Homosexuals.” I mean, it’s a bit late to get your hopes up that two brain cells might actually rub together somewhere along the line.

Speaking of brain cell deprivation, Kincaid, who will give a talk on “Lenin and Sharia: the Diabolical Threat” (you can’t invent this stuff) won’t be alone at his conference: We’re told that other topics include “Obama’s Saudi connection” (what about George W. Bush’s far more intimate Saudi connection – was he a radical Islamist too?), “the Marxist-Islamist nexus” (did Kincaid sleep through the Islamist reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?) and of course, the dangers (this is rich) of “foreign propaganda channels like Al-Jazeera”. He has a whole bunch of Obama haters lined up to toe the anti-Commie Muslim line.

America’s Survival wants readers to sic America’s modern-day McCarthy, Rep. Peter King, on Al-Jazeera, which they announce has been exposed as a “Homeland Security Threat”:

“Al-Jazeera’s anti-American programming already has a dangerous foothold in the United States,” noted ASI President Cliff Kincaid, “and it is seeking to expand to millions of homes through a deal with the cable giant Comcast. Any such deal would pose an unacceptable danger to American citizens by further adding to the potential for home-grown Jihadists inspired by Al-Jazeera’s inflammatory programming.”

Kincaid concludes that “What is needed is a congressional inquiry into whether Al-Jazeera, through its exposure to some Americans through the Internet and YouTube and some cable systems, is playing a role in this carnage.”

We could wish Kincaid would show the same level of concern for FOX News, which already is in millions of homes through Comcast and others.

Honestly, I’ve seen Al-Jazeera’s reporting and I’ve seen FOX News’ reporting, and FOX News wins the inflammatory award hands down. Frankly, somebody ought to be looking at the “home-grown Crusaders” inspired by FOX News’ inflammatory programming. We have direct evidence of this sort of terrorism – America is full of right-wing militias and we’ve seen plenty of evidence of right-wing hate crimes and violence. And it’s no secret who is inflaming them.

But rather than investgate the obvious, Kincaid has decided to create a vast conspiracy on the order of Hitler’s cause célèbre – Marxism and a religion/ethnicity he hates. Marxism + [religion X] will always be a convenient formula for conservative extremists. It is easily applicable and transferrable from cause to cause, from generation to generation. Who knows who the Marxists will be sleeping with in 10, 20, or even 50 years?

It doesn’t matter that you can’t prove a correlation between Karl Marx and Islam. It doesn’t matter that you can’t prove a connection between Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and Islam. What matters is this famous conservative equation: Left = Communist. Communism, being allegedly opposed to every value held by the West must of course also be anti-American. If you’re a conservative and somebody doesn’t think like you, they must be a communist and possibly a Nazi as well (I know this makes no sense but I did warn you about the thinking thing).

Karl Marx was a German political philosopher. Lenin is firmly in place historically in a Russian context. Neither they nor their political philosophy had anything to do with Islam. One can easily imagine Lenin’s own reaction to the billing given him by Kincaid. Certainly if Lenin was genuinely on the side of the oppressed proletarian he would not side with rich sheiks who run news services any more than he would be on the side of rich Republicans who run news services. The problem for Lenin, as for Jesus, was rich people. If we’re going to tie Lenin in with Islamists we might as well do the same for Jesus.

Lenin was instrumental in the Bolshevik revolution. In Kincaid’s case, he can only aspire to leadership of an absurdist revolution, a revolution based on false premises; proof positive that if you don’t have genuine cause for a revolution, you can always invent one.

Image from usasurvival.org

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