ObamaCare Armageddon Day 5: The Right Declares John Roberts a Tyrannical Rodney King

Jul 02 2012 Published by under Featured News

The right’s meltdown over the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling took a new turn today as Rush Limbaugh compared John Roberts to Rodney King and Mark Levin took to Fox News to call him a tyrant.

On his radio show today Rush Limbaugh compared Chief Justice Roberts to Rodney King. Limbaugh said, “John Roberts, the Rodney King of chief justices. Can’t we all just get along? Except Chief Justice Roberts didn’t drown in his swimming pool, as Rodney King did. Ladies and gentlemen, on Friday, when I opened the program I told you I felt sick, and I spent the next two hours explaining why I felt sick. Today I’m scared. I’m a combination of angry and scared. Because if this CBS report from Jan Crawford is accurate, and I happen to believe that it is, she cites two sources, she doesn’t name them. But I happen to believe that her report is true. Let me summarize it for you. That the chief justice did indeed cave to left-wing media pressure. And, by the way, this does lend credence to the notion that Obama was told. I’ll explain how. Just a wild guess on that. She doesn’t get into that in the story.”

While Limbaugh was declaring Roberts to the weakest thing since Bristol Palin’s reality show ratings, Mark Levin was on Fox News screaming at the top of his girlish voice that John Roberts is a tyrant.

On Neil Cavuto’s show, Levin said, “When we have a Chief Justice of the United States who abandons principle, and frankly, abandons the constitution and rewrites it as if he is a one man constitutional convention, that’s tyranny. It’s flat out tyranny, and I hear all the talk about the politics of it. Is it a tax? Is it punishment? Let’s call it a cucumber. Ok? Let’s pretend it’s a cucumber. The fact of the matter is what Roberts did and the four leftists on the court who went along with him is to concoct an argument out of a provision in the constitution, rewrite the constitution, rewrite the statute, and now we have ObamaCare. And here’s the problem, even if we repeal ObamaCare, how do we repeal this decision? How do we shut the door that he flung open to all of this enormous power that the government is going to have against the individual now?”

The right is caught in their usual persecution conundrum over the healthcare ruling. They can’t decide whether Roberts is weak kneed traitor, or he is a horrible tyrant who is oppressing them all. Since conservatives exist in a constantly paranoid oppressed state of being, Levin’s argument is the one most likely to keep them up at night clutching on to their night sweat stained sheets worrying about the Supreme Court that is out to get them.

These battling delusions are common inside the conservative mind. The right still hasn’t decided whether Barack Obama is a weak pushover or brutal despot who spends his every waking moment devising ways to steal their liberties.

The conservative freakout over the ObamaCare decision is showing no signs of letting up. If anything, as days pass the right is working itself into even more of a frenzy.

This is the second worst right wing freakout of the past four years. The worst was when Obama won the election. After the 2008 election their hysteria lasted for months, and it can be argued is still continuing at this very moment.

The only thing worse than the right’s ObamaCare meltdown will be the end of days that will commence if Obama wins reelection. The dirty little secret about conservatism is that the whole political theory is based on negativity and fear. When something like the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling happens, the movement’s collective fear runs wild.

If you think they are scared now, wait until you see what happens when Obama wins reelection.

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