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Pennsylvania Secretary of State Doesn't Know What's in Voter ID Law

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The court challenge concerning Pennsylvania’s version of voter suppression gets curioser and curioser.  Last month, State officials stipulated in a statement  to the non-existence of in person voter fraud in Pennsylvania or any other state (my bold). The State of Pennsylvania agreed it would not offer any evidence that in person voter fraud has occurred in Pennsylvania and else where.  And this is the important one.  Nor will it “offer argument or evidence that in-person voter fraud is likely to occur in November 2012 in the absence of the Photo ID law.”

That stipulation acknowledges there is no need for the photo ID law.  It begs the question, if there was no in person voter fraud and the state did not expect voter fraud to occur during the November election, why was this law passed.

It’s also significant that the State officials acknowledge that they are also unaware of in person voter fraud in any other state.

It gets even better with today’s court testimony by Secretary of Commonwealth Carole Aichele.  She admitted in court that she doesn’t know what’s in the law. Aichele is supposed to implement Pennsylvania’s voter ID law. According to CBS:

At one point, when lawyers asked her about the details of the voter ID law, Aichele responded, “I don’t know what the law says.”

To be fair to Secretary Aichele, she isn’t the only one who doesn’t know what the law says.

Plaintiffs’ attorney David Gersch (of Arnold and Porter) says the Secretary is not the only one confused about what the law requires.

“The law is very technical — that’s another problem with it,” he tells KYW Newsraadio.   “Earlier in the trial we had testimony from lawyers who are advocates for poor people and homeless people trying to get identification, and those lawyers said they didn’t understand all apects of the law!” (CBS’ italics)

The Secretary also admitted that she doesn’t know how many voters will need a new photo ID.

Yet, without knowing what the law says or how many Pennsylvanians would need a new photo ID to preserve their constitutional right to vote, somehow the Secretary does know that 99% of voters have the correct ID.

If she doesn’t know what the law says, or how many people would need a new ID, how can she possibly know how many people have the right ID?

If a law is so confusing that the top official charged with implementing it can’t understand it, how does that bill get implemented?  If the law is so confusing that lawyers can’t understand it, how does the average citizen of Pennsylvania figure it out to assure that their constitutional right to vote is protected?

When a bill is passed to solve a problem that State officials acknowledge doesn’t exist, it means the bill was passed for a different reason – one that officials don’t want to admit publicly.  Since bills like this, by coincidence, tend to prevent people most likely to vote for the Democratic Party; the real reason for Pennsylvania’s law is pretty clear.  It’s about suppressing voting – not suppressing voter fraud.

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Right Wing Billionaires Shudder as PolitiFact Confirms Bernie Sanders Speaks the Truth

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Sen. Bernie Sanders has seen his statements about wealth inequality come under vicious attack from the right. Today, PolitiFact confirmed that Sen. Sanders’ statement about the Walton family having more wealth than the bottom 40% is true.

A little over a week ago Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted that, “Today the Walton family of Walmart own more wealth than the bottom 40 percent of America.” Sanders also made this statement during his recent congressional testimony on Citizens United.

Even though Sen. Sanders has been discussing the issues of wealth inequality and fighting for middle class and working Americans for years, it was his recent report about the impact of Citizens United and the 26 billionaires who are trying to buy the 2012 election that has raised the ire of the right.

The Vermont senator’s recent statements about the Walton family caught the attention of PolitiFact, and the Pulitzer Prize winner fact checkers analyzed Sanders’ tweet.

PolitiFact concluded that, “The statistic correctly compares the combined net worth of the bottom 41.5 percent of American families with the six Walton family members. We think the additional points — that many people with a negative net worth are not necessarily poor and that percentages about wealth distribution can be deceiving — are important and interesting. Nevertheless, Sanders’ claim is solid. We rate it True.”

The right has been trying various tactics to undermine the message of Sen. Sanders. Their favorite one seems to be to complain that Sanders only goes after conservative billionaires. They frequently ask why Sanders doesn’t go after the liberal billionaires who are buying elections. The answer to that question is that liberal billionaires aren’t holding secret conferences to fundraise and strategize about how to purchase our elections.

The answer is that left isn’t engaging in the same behavior to the same degree that the right is. There is a reason why Democrats support efforts to overturn Citizens United, and Republicans are opposed. The conservative billionaires have become the lifeblood of the Republican Party. They pick the candidates. The right wing billionaires buy the ads, and when their candidates are elected, they pass the legislation. Conservative billionaires own and operate the Republican Party.

Bernie Sanders is dangerous to the interests of these billionaires, because as PolitiFact confirmed, he is telling the truth about their activities. In a political system where incumbents have been terrorized into silence by Citizens United empowered billionaires, Sen. Bernie Sanders stands alone.

The only way that the billionaires will be defeated is if the American people stand together against wealth inequality, and demand their country back. Sen. Sanders has the message that can put the tools of our representative democracy back into the people’s hands.

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Harry Reid's Coy Maneuver Paints Romney into a Corner on Tax Returns

Jul 31 2012 Published by under Featured News

With one the utterance of one sentence accusing the Republican nominee of not paying taxes for ten years, Harry Reid dropped a bombshell on Mitt Romney and switched the national discussion back to Romney’s tax returns.

HuffPo reported on their interview with the Senate Majority Leader,

Saying he had “no problem with somebody being really, really wealthy,” Reid sat up in his chair a bit before stirring the pot further. A month or so ago, he said, a person who had invested with Bain Capital called his office.

“Harry, he didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years,” Reid recounted the person as saying.

“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years! Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain,” said Reid. “But obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?

“You guys have said his wealth is $250 million,” Reid went on. “Not a chance in the world. It’s a lot more than that. I mean, you do pretty well if you don’t pay taxes for 10 years when you’re making millions and millions of dollars.”

Notice that Reid goes out of his way to say that he doesn’t know if the allegation is true or not. This is an important hint of the intention behind the claim. Sen. Reid’s statement was not really about the question of how many years Romney paid taxes. His point was to put Mitt Romney’s tax returns back into the spotlight.

By suggesting that the Republican nominee did not any taxes for a period of time, Harry Reid changed the political discussion in this country. By not releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney has turned a bit of gossip that someone heard and passed along into a national news story. The story of Mitt Romney’s tax return secrecy is so explosive that it can return to the top of the news cycle at a moment’s notice.

What Harry Reid did was a brilliant piece of political strategy. He has placed the Romney campaign back on the defensive. The media will once again start asking questions about Romney’s tax returns, and the only way that the Republican nominee can satisfactorily answer these questions is by releasing his tax returns.

There was some chatter earlier today that Romney might try to use the Olympics, his running mate selection, and the Republican convention to play out the clock and avoid releasing his tax returns. As long as Democrats can revive the issue at will, Romney be facing scrutiny about his decision not to release his tax returns from now until November.

To the dismay of many Republicans, it looks like Mitt Romney is willing to lose a presidential election if that is what it takes to keep his tax return secrets buried.

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Dick Cheney Reminds Us That Romney Still Has Stateside Messes to Clean

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Last week was a big week for Mittens and the damage control is in full swing. Remember back in 2008 when one of the biggest criticisms leveled against then-candidate Obama was that the junior Senator was light on foreign policy experience? The last three and a half years have generated many criticisms from the right but the POTUS’ deft handling of a variety of thorny issues such as last year’s Arab Spring Awakening and his wise choice of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State (not to mention the killing of public enemy #1 Osama bin Laden) has gone a long way toward establishing the President as a reasoned and thoughtful statesmen.

Mitt Romney has been a part of the American political canvas for nearly 30 years and yet to witness him committing unforced errors last week, like his offensive comments directed at London’s level of Olympic preparedness, was to experience a sense of Palinesque deja vu. Is there any weigh station between Mittens brain and his mouth? Wouldn’t you think he and his handlers might develop one after three decades? Even Pavlov’s dog was capable of learning. But after that mess, Romney wasn’t satisfied with just one pile of international dog doo. He also managed to wade into the long-running Israel/Iran conflict in a a manner that made him appear like a trigger-happy ignoramus while paying Palestine’s socialized health care system a backhanded compliment, oblivious to its implications again his “war” on Obamacare.

If it weren’t such an embarrassing week for America, I suspect those of us rooting for an Obama re-election would be engaging in a much-deserved happy dance. And yet today, the Crypt Keeper himself, former Vice-President Dick Cheney, popped out of his cryogenic chamber to remind the voting public that there are still plenty of Stateside imbroglios to which candidate Romney must attend. Truly it’s getting difficult to account for all of the issues to which the former Governor refuses or simply cannot respond with a satisfying answer.

In an interview with writer Jonathan Karl for Yahoo News, the topic of Romney’s cloak and dagger intrigue regarding the release of his tax returns was broached. When Bush and Cheney occupied the Republican ticket in 2000, both candidates saw the wisdom is releasing 10 years worth of returns. Romney as we know, will not budge on releasing above two years worth of information. The Cheneybot’s predictable response?

“If he had two years out, they’d want four. If he had four years out, they’d want six. If he had six years out, they’d want ten,” said Cheney. “It’s a distraction,” he added. “I’d say do what he feels like doing. If this is his decision, fine. Let’s get on with it.”

Dick Cheney was always a great believer in the Jedi Mind Trick. Just tell Americans that the Patriot Act, a revocation of their basic liberties, is necessary for national security and they’ll go along with it, the sheep. 9/11 is a great excuse to foment a war of choice in Iraq! And since the wealthy can be painted a job creators, let’s pass some unaffordable tax cuts while we’re at it. The American people won’t know the half of it. They’re too busy watching American Idol! It’s genius. Bwa ha ha!

Nope, not this time Cheney. The post-2008 electorate, better informed and inspired by a candidate who is not overrun by internal cynicism, won’t have it. For the last time, wanting to understand a man’s personal finances as a litmus test for predicting his handling of the country’s budget is not a distraction.

But thanks for reminding us that Romney can be every bit as disingenuous here as he can overseas.

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Romney Spokesperson Loses It. Tells Press to "Kiss My Ass" and "Shove it"

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Romney campaign to our allegedly free press: Kiss my ass, this is a holy site!

So, the Romney world tour of gaffes is complete, it seems. It ends in Poland with the Romney campaign blaming the press for the candidate’s horrific media coverage, from Mitt the Twit in London to Racist Romney in Israel. Romney’s press secretary told American journalists to “kiss my ass” and “shove it” today.

Romney is now in Poland, playing up “freedom” and “liberty” while ignoring that it was the labor union Solidarity movement that fought against Communist rule (someone really ought to tell Fox News that). In fact, the Solidarity movement distanced themselves from Romney due to his attacks on unions here in the U.S., in spite of his invite from former Solidarity leader, Lech Walesa.

After Romney visited Warsaw’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the press tried to ask a few questions, and you know how dismayed Republicans are over our semi- free press. No more, for the liberty! Things boiled over for the campaign when Rick Gorka, Romney’s travelling press secretary, lashed out when asked by reporters from CNN, WaPo, and the NYT about Romney’s many mishaps and gaffes.

A CNN reporter asked, “Governor Romney, are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip.”

Gorka said, “Kiss my ass. This is a holy site for the Polish people.”

Oh, so holy, Mr. Gorka! At least he didn’t say fu*king holy site, right?

Mr. Gorka went Sarah Palin 2008 and demanded that the press “show some respect” for Romney, which translates to “do not ask questions he doesn’t want to answer.”

Mr. Gorka saved his final insult for Politico, when he told a Politico reporter to “shove it”.

Just like the candidate he represents, Mr. Gorka later tried to reverse his outburst, retroactively taking it back with an apology.

Etch-a-sketch it, Gorka, and we’ll all believe.

Here’s Mitt Romney meeting former Polish President Lech Walesa:

Overshadowing his visit to Poland is the outrage Romney left boiling behind him in Israel, with Jewish leaders joining Palestinians in calling Romney a racist over his remarks noting the “the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality” between the Jewish and Palestinian cultures, which many feel he attributed to an innate superiority of Jews. That’s okay for Romney as the more he insults the Palestinians the better it is for him with his base and his donor Sheldon Adelson, but what he may not have intended to do was insult the Jewish people.

“You can understand this remark in several ways,” political science professor Abraham Diskin at the Inter-Disciplinary Center outside of Tel Aviv told the Associated Press. “You can say it’s anti-Semitic. ‘Jews and money.'”

Hey, Associated Press, kiss Romney’s ass! He won’t be answering any of your questions until you ask the questions he wants to answer — for the liberty.

What you’re seeing here is the result of a very insecure candidate after a week of relentlessly negative press, during what was meant to be Romney’s soft debut onto the world stage.

Romney can blame the press all he wants, but a real leader should be able to handle the press, and a real leader should certainly be able to handle saying a few supportive words about the Olympics and refrain from racist comments while visiting an exceptionally sensitive area. If Romney thinks he can use the press for photo ops while ignoring questions he should have expected about his Insult the World tour, then he doesn’t really understand the job of President.

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Mitt Romney Accidentally Endorses President Obama

Jul 31 2012 Published by under Featured News

A sign of intelligence is acknowledging successful policies, and when possible, putting those into action regardless if it is a business model, war tactics, or economic policy. For the past two years, Republicans have attempted to follow the abject failure of European nation’s austerity programs that have resulted in zero or negative growth, and drastic cuts to government and social services that are negatively affecting their citizens. Willard  Romney has bought in to the austerity philosophy of eliminating government services and spending at the same time he promises to increase the national debt by trillions of dollars with incredibly foolish tax cuts for the rich. His economic agenda makes no sense as far as fiscal responsibility goes, but over the weekend he changed his tune and acknowledged that raising taxes on the wealthy, providing universal health care, and limiting defense spending was a proven recipe for success.

It is not surprising Willard inadvertently praised President Obama’s agenda of higher taxes for the wealthy and universal health care because of his penchant for pandering to whichever audience he addresses, and it has cemented his reputation as a flip-flopper in Americans’ conscience.  What will be shocking though, is if he continues extolling the President’s policies when he returns to America, or whether he will continue deprecating President Obama’s economic policies. Perhaps Willard is clueless as to Israel’s economic ideology or principles, but he said, “For an American abroad, you can’t get much closer to the ideals and convictions of my own country than you do in Israel,” and then went on to praise Israel’s economic agenda and singled out their national healthcare system for particular praise.

Romney travels around America promising that, “If I’m President of the United States, we’re gonna get rid of Obamacare” despite his record of implementing a similar program while he was governor of Massachusetts.  During his world fundraising tour, Romney lavished praise on Israel’s healthcare system and said,  ”You spend eight percent of G.D.P. on health care. You’re a pretty healthy nation,” and that “we (Americans) have to find ways not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to fund and manage our health care costs.” Israel’s nationalized health care system is predicated on a strong individual mandate requiring Israelis to pay 40% of their healthcare insurance cost through income-related contributions collected by the tax system, and the government pays the remaining 60%.  Because carrying healthcare insurance has been mandated since 1955, Israelis get better health care than Americans, the infant mortality rate is much lower than in America, and its heart disease mortality rate is half the U.S. rate. Willard seems to like healthcare for all so long as it is restricted to Massachusetts residents and Israelis, but apparently thinks the rest of America is undeserving of better healthcare at lower costs and protections against predatory insurance restrictions.

Willard also praised Israel’s “economic vitality“  that he attributed to a strong culture that demands the wealthy pay their fair share to support the economy. Romney praised a system that raised taxes last November on high-income earners from 45% to 48%, and added an extra 2% on the extremely wealthy who pay a 50% tax rate on their income. Israel also raised taxes on interest, dividends, and stock market profits by 5%, and raised tax on corporations from 24% to 25% beginning in 2012.  Romney pays around 13% on his income according to the only tax return he released, and promises to slash tax rates substantially for the wealthy if he is elected in November. Romney’s plan is a large tax cut for the top 60%, a huge tax cut for the top few percent, and a large increase for the bottom percent by eliminating tax breaks for low-income Americans. Conversely, President Obama proposes a 3% increase on all high-income earners that is precisely the same amount Israel raised rates to increase revenue and ensure they continued experiencing economic vitality. Part of Israel’s economic vitality is keeping defense spending low, and they accomplish that by taking advantage of American taxpayers’ government-forced largesse.

Israel’s defense spending is less than it should be because America funds over 18% of its military budget at more than $8.2 million a day. That does not include the extra funding President Obama just gave Israel for a missile defense system to protect against rockets coming into Israel. America’s deficit and budget woes would be greatly reduced if defense spending was reduced by 18% and the money was spent on infrastructure improvements and job creation, but Republicans are more concerned with subsidizing Israel’s military, the oil industry, and the corporate agriculture industry than helping the American people or our nation’s economic vitality by creating jobs and funding social programs.

Romney’s fundraising tour gave him an up-close and personal look at how austerity savages an economy while he was in England that engendered his insult to the British people. His remarks about Olympic security go to the heart of Republican privatization schemes, because instead of using highly-trained and efficient government security, England contracted the job to a private company that failed to deliver. Willard also saw, and praised, Israel’s “economic vitality” that raised taxes on high income earners and corporations and was effusive about their national socialized health care system. Undoubtedly, when he returns to America he will resume bashing the President’s economic agenda and promote his own outrageous tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, while promising to expand defense spending and privatize education, Veteran’s Health Administration, Medicare, and as much of the government as possible to enrich corporations and himself.

Willard put himself in an awkward position throughout his fundraising tour, because on the one hand, he questioned the efficacy of privatization due to austerity measures in England that he champions for America, and then praised, in effect, President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on the rich and his signature healthcare reform law while gushing over Israel’s economic vitality. Whether or not Willard understands he spent the past few days endorsing all of President Obama’s economic policies is  a question the media should be asking. There is no doubt that Republicans suspicious of Romney’s conservative credentials will be asking him whether he really meant to praise the President’s agenda, but there is no question that by praising Israel’s healthcare system and economic vitality, he endorsed President Obama.

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Louisiana School Voucher Decision Banishes Children to the Bronze Age

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Bobby Jindal
Photograph by Scott Olson/Getty Images.

Delusion runs rampant in Louisiana. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s new private school voucher program will, reports Right Wing Watch, “exempt private schools receiving vouchers from participating ‘in the state testing and accountability program imposed on traditional and charter public schools.”’ The new system, which will bring to the fore Bible-based church schools, goes into effect this fall.

Jarvis DeBerry, in an opinion piece appearing in the Times-Picayune last week, wrote that “Gov. Bobby Jindal dismissed every concern about his school vouchers bill as yelps of pain from the status quo. Even folks whose reform credentials shouldn’t have been questioned got the brush off from Jindal, who programmed his spokespeople to say the same thing of every question asked of them: Parents are the best accountability system we’ve got.”

But as the Times Picayune reported in the wake of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education’s July 24 decision,

The independent Bureau of Governmental Research released a report Monday criticizing White’s plan as too soft, both for excluding schools with fewer than 40 voucher students from facing consequences and for setting such a low bar for those with 40 or more.

“Short of no accountability standards at all,” the report reads, “it is difficult to imagine a lower standard of performance than what the proposed system offers. Yet the proposal also allows waivers in some circumstances.”

We will call this the “it’s okay to be dumb if you’re Christian” program, because as RWW goes on to say, those Christian students won’t have to “pass state exams to advance to the next grade level and won’t even receive state letter grades meant to evaluate student performance.”

And believe it or not, Christians are celebrating their right to be left behind.

Hard to believe just a few years ago Evangelical hero George W. Bush was selling America his No Child Left Behind Act, and now his former supporters can’t wait to backslide into the Bronze Age.

What happened?

Well, a neo-Luddite reaction to a fast-paced modern world is part of the problem. Change – technology and globalization – just scares the hell out of conservative religionists, Christian and otherwise. You have only to look at recent offerings like Wallace Henley’s Globequake (2012), which purports by reminding readers of the “unshakeable promise of God” to protect believers from the shifting sands of a cultural “globequake.” Conservative Christians want a life-line. The past is a life-line.

The difference is, conservative Christians have the clout to regress while conservative religious minorities are dragged into the future, like it or not.

They’re the lucky ones.

Who ever thought privilege and power could be a handicap? But it is – at least in Louisiana.

Rev. Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum, who prayed over Jindal at his group’s Christmas Gala, said RWW on Monday, “told David Barton and Rick Green today on WallBuilders Live that the program will increase student exposure to ‘religious material’ and ‘release the Word of God’ to children.”

You would think learning how the world works – how people work – would be more important than what people believed 3,000 years ago. Instead, a reversion to Bronze Age science and technology, what people believed about the world before they had the means to know anything about it, seem to be major selling points. And that’s the problem with technology: it contradicts the inerrant Word of God. Something has gotta give, and you can bet your Virgin Birth that in Louisiana it won’t be the Bible.

RWW lays out the problem to be faced by the next generation in God-besotted Louisiana:

And who is rallying the opposition from the “teachers unions and the government bureaucrats”? Why, Satan of course. “There is no doubt it’s going to have its impact and it’s going to hit its target and it’s going to strike fast, and that’s why the Enemy is kicking back,” Mills said, “He realizes what’s going to happen when all of the sudden these kids come into a knowledge unlike their former secular humanist seminary, they are being rooted and grounded in foundational and fundamental, timeless principles that can change a person’s eternity.”

If science disagrees with the Bible, it’s gotta be Satan to blame for reality’s liberal bias just as he is for teacher’s unions. It can’t be that advanced 21st-century technology backed up by scientific proof actually means anything compared to the intellectual efforts of Bronze Age man.

Mills said on WallBuilders Live that “For those of us who have a faith background, the idea that the truth can still set kids free, can you imagine what would happen if you uncapped religious clubs, religious speech, student body prayer, religious material, as is the case in most private or parochial schools.”

The truth can set kids free but the kind of truth kids need is the kind grounded in reality and in the findings of modern science. Ignorance doesn’t set anybody free; ignorance is a prison.

Elsewhere in the industrialized world, children are being taught mathematics and science and learning to cope with a world that is racing at breakneck speed into the future. In Louisiana, you have to wonder if the medieval innovation of crop rotation won’t soon be too advanced for a state increasingly dedicated to the days preceding the wheeled plow and the horse collar.

Benighted Louisiana Christians can pretend the modern world does not exist, but they cannot stop living in it no matter how hard they try. The world will be out there waiting while they sink into oblivion. And where will their children be then?

But Rick Green insists that “It’s not just reading, writing and arithmetic they’re gonna do better, they’re gonna become better people.” Better people with no realistic knowledge or understanding of the modern world?

Ignorance has never had such a champion as those who rub elbows with David Barton. Takes Mills for example:

When you remove the federal courts and you release the power of the word of God, there is no doubt it’s going to have its impact and it’s going to hit its target and it’s going to strike fast, and that’s why the Enemy is kicking back. He realizes what’s going to happen when all of the sudden these kids come into a knowledge unlike their former secular humanist seminary, they are being rooted and grounded in foundational and fundamental, timeless principles that can change a person’s eternity. They will be equipped, and they’ll be educated along the way too, but they’ll be filled with character capable of making insightful decisions towards the future.

Release the power of the word of God and the modern world goes away? Luddite fantasies become reality? Creationism in place of evolution? The evidence of paleontology will go away and dinosaurs will have walked with humans? The Grand Canyon will suddenly be created by Noah’s flood, science be damned, or, as Reuters reports, “Bible-based math books that don’t cover modern concepts such as set theory”? Can’t have that 1870’s thinking in our schools!

But because a child is challenged in math is no reason to take math away.

How, exactly, does the “word of God” benefit Louisiana’s children if “he” wants them to believe things that are demonstrably untrue?

The tragedy here is that because of a few, all Louisiana will suffer. DeBerry makes a point:

The money that funds public schools — and now these vouchers to escape public schools — comes from everybody, not just people with children in the system. Consequently, the public — including members of the public who’ve never had children — is within its rights to demand that its money be spent wisely, that it not be thrown away by ideologues who believe without exception that the private sector does everything better.

We’re not talking here about a damage that will be limited to a year. We are talking about damage that will be permanent; something that will scar these children intellectually for the rest of their lives. In this very technological, highly competitive world, there is no room for the Bronze Age.

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Chick-Fil-A Gets Fileted

Jul 30 2012 Published by under Featured News

When right winged radio and news organization like Fox try to spin the bigoted and homophobic comments as free speech and criticizes elected officials as being the bad entity, it tends to backfire and the liberal media seems to be flying high exposing the religious spew coming from the right. It is so bad that Republicans are calling upon their conservative LGBTQ members the Log Cabin…and their leader is responding.
Executive Director, Log Cabin Republican: R. Clarke Cooper is calling upon the conservative Christians LGBTQs to stop the boycott according to his post:

Enough about Chick-fil-A already. Yes, what Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy said about gay marriage “shaking a fist at God” was offensive, especially for gay people of faith. And yes, the parodies and memes were funny, the first dozen times around. With politicians and media seemingly on their side, some gay people feel like they have Chick-fil-A on the butcher’s block, and now’s the time to drop the cleaver. While the anti-Chick-fil-A crusade may score political points in the liberal enclaves of Boston and Chicago, where [Democratic] mayors are seeking to cast the restaurant chain into exile, in America’s heartland it is costing us hard-earned support among conservatives, moderates and independents. Municipal bans on private business also raise serious constitutional concerns.

Regardless of party, what allegiance does the Log Cabin have to LGBTQs? Even conservative LGBTQs? Usually, special interests groups tend to support those with the common belief to change things. During the 1980s, Japanese American activist group NCRR (National Coalition for Redress and Reparations) were lobbying for redress and reparation for more than 60,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry who were illegally incarcerated and placed into concentration camps during WWII.

Their goal was to pass H.R. 442, the Civil Liberties Act of 1987. The bill passed in both the House and Senate, and former President Ronald Reagan signed the bill to law P.L. 100-383. The NCRR concentrated on the one goal and accomplished it successfully. NCRR (Nikkei for Civil Rights and Redress) changed their name and are now concentrating on civil rights, with an emphasis on the Japanese American community.

Yet the Log Cabin Republicans tend to not follow that approach and fail to make any effort to work with any LGBTQ groups promoting rights and fighting against prejudice of people who marry, love, live with someone of the same sex. On Facebook, there was a Log Cabin Group who promoted common law and not marriage. Not demanding equality, but a separate but equal-type relationship.

Were they disillusioned by DADT (which President Obama overturned) or DOMA (which the Obama administration want to overturn) or is their goal merely to be accepted in the RNC as an abused child, and are willing to be accepted by donating to the RNC or are leaders like Cooper who appears to be merely in it for the finance?  But the comments made by Cooper is incorrect.

First of all, any municipality can ban any corporation it deems not acceptable to the community in which the business want to reside in. Apparently, Cooper failed to remember the 9/11 Mosque? Funny though how the right winged Christians conveniently forgot the 9/11 sex shop.

Why is it that no one from the Log Cabin stood up to the right winger hate mongering and question the Constitutionality of banning Mosques? Even former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in a back-handed way supports banning corporations. A church, mosque or temple is a nonprofit corporation, and if Cain and the rest of the dredge from the Republican party support banning of religious places, then it’s all fair game.

Secondly: Being a corporation is not a Constitutional right but a privilege. This privilege extends the employers: tax breaks, the use of the commons, use of clean water, electricity, clean air, prompt first responders, while their ultimate goal is to make a profit. And corporation are not human being. California for example bans discrimination against LGBTQs and the basic philosophy goes against the visions long-held by the people of California…where everyone is created equal.

Yet I find it ironic that the fearless leader of the Log Cabin is standing with Chick-Fil-A and their homophobic philosophy, and blames Democratic mayors for the protests. Really? According to the group YouGov formerly PollingPoint, an apolitical survey group seems to think otherwise:

Chick-Fil-A Customers

Full disclosure: I am a pollster for YouGov but did not participate in this survey. But many of the pollsters anonymously choose their answers. And apparently, the bigoted comments seems to be taking a toll on sales. Even if Chick-Fil-A is a private corporation, poor sales would still hurt their bottom line. And regardless of who is trying to defend the religious intolerance of LGBTQs, it just goes to show that we on the left can make things happen…even without the government intervention.

Liberal and progressive shows are speaking about this and the impact from talk shows and blogs reach deeply into the depth of the psyche of the average person. Even PoliticusUSA makes an impact, and there are more supporters for LGBTQ rights than there are the hate-monsters out there. Because, when the right speak and vomit their violence, more people are retaliating and making their voices heard…ask Rush Limbaugh. I’m sure that Clear Channel is doing their best to staunch the bleeding Limbaugh created.


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Wall Street Journal And AEI Throw The Tea Party And GOP Under The Economic Bus

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Remember when President Obama said the private sector is doing fine, and all the conservatives and Republicans poked at that comment? Well, now even two major conservative publications are saying the same thing!

The Wall Street Journal stated, “Falling military spending and the end of federal stimulus programs are further slowing the already weak U.S. economic recovery.”

The article went further and said,

“Federal investment and spending is down 3.3% for the year and about 0.4% for the second quarter.” “But the budget cuts come at a tough time for the U.S. economy, which has lost steam after appearing to accelerate earlier this year.”

The federal cuts are a reversal from the recession, when Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama tried to spark growth by increasing federal spending through bailouts and stimulus programs.

Most economists believe the stimulus programs played at least some role in softening the recession’s blow,…”

This Wall Street Journal article coincides with what I wrote regarding the American Enterprise Institute report.

The American Enterprise Institute is a conservative think tank and their article vindicates President Obama. Their article stated the the private sector has grown an average of 3% per quarter since the recession ended in 2009 under President Obama, but total GDP is down because of spending cuts in the public sector.

The public sector GDP has dropped to negative 2.88% over the last two years. What does this do to total GDP and the overall economy? It slows it down dramatically!

So as the private sector struggled to gain momentum, Republican cut backs slowed down the private sector growth with a negative public sector growth.

The government purchases things from the private sector daily. They purchase trucks, cars, lawnmowers and even computers from the private sector. What happens when the government cuts back and stops buying things? The private sector slows down also, which begins the snowball effect of layoffs in the private sector.

So now not only do Democrats have their think tanks on their side, they even have the Wall Street Journal and AEI are on their side on this issue! Time to turn up the heat on the tea party and the GOP.

Tell them, it’s not President Obama who is slowing the economy — the private sector is doing fine under him, but we could help the private sector even further by increasing public sector investments and purchases.

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Rush Limbaugh Cracks Up and Claims the Olympic Opening Ceremony Was an Obama Conspiracy

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On his radio show today, Rush Limbaugh claimed that the tribute to the NHS during the Olympic opening ceremony was part of a conspiracy to help Obama win reelection.

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

LIMBAUGH: Now, the guy who put together the opening ceremony, Danny Boyle, who did Slumdog Millionaire, the movie, he’s a big leftist. They made no secret of this. They actually pulled working nurses out of the hospitals to have ’em participate in the opening ceremony. They honored the Industrial Revolution. They honored unions. This guy decided, okay, we’re gonna put an opening ceremony together of what is good and righteous about the United Kingdom. And, as we’re watching this, and I’m watching this re-creation of the Industrial Revolution, they had these giant smokestacks that came out of the ground. Ah, here we go, global warming, pollution. I started nudging Kathryn, I said, “Here we go. We’re gonna get preached to by a bunch of commie collectivists and so forth.” She said, “Shshshsh, no politics, no politics.”

So I dialed it back, and then the National Health Service thing came. Of all the things that you want to honor. I mean, the people of Great Britain don’t even like the National Health Service! And then it hit me, and then it hit me. It was actually done on behalf of President Kardashian. They did it for Obama. Nobody will convince me otherwise. I mean, they had the cover of doing this and honoring Great Britain, the opening ceremony, but we got a presidential election coming up, three checks away for you welfare recipients, and they honor the National Health Service, and we’re in the midst of a giant controversy. Here, listen to Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, who they got back out of mothballs for this to help coanchor with Matt Lauer. Here they are as the National Health Service is being honored. This is how NBC covered it.

LAUER: Back in the States you might be saying, wait a second. We’re locked in this kind of partisan debate over the future of health care in our own country. Here, they feel so strongly about their health care system, they’re actually celebrating it as part of the Olympic open ceremony.

VIEIRA: These folks that you’re seeing here, the doctors and nurses, they really are doctors and nurses from the National Health Service, dedicating their lives to helping others. That has to be a great moment of pride.

LIMBAUGH: I’m watching this, and I was in stunned disbelief until I realized what the purpose of this was. No, there wasn’t a whole lot of recognition of World War II. There was maybe a little bit of the First World War, World War I, but no, not much. There was nothing about colonialism, obviously. (laughing) The Queen was there, and they cut to the Queen a couple times. She looked like she was clueless. She looked like she didn’t know what was going on.

Rush Limbaugh believes that the tribute to the National Health Service was done intentionally for the political benefit of Barack Obama, because apparently nobody else in the world watches the Olympic opening ceremonies, but Great Britain and the United States.

Limbaugh also claimed that the British hate the National Health Service, which according to a new poll released today isn’t true. The percentage of respondents who said that the NHS works well and only needs minor changes has increased by six points since October 2011, but if people don’t actually hate the NHS, his whole conspiracy falls apart.

Poor Rush was looking for any excuse he could think of to cover up Mitt Romney’s disastrous foreign tour. Limbaugh was trying to sell his listeners on the idea that the British were out to get Romney because they are in the bag for Obama.

It looks like the continued success of the advertiser boycott is causing Rush Limbaugh’s desperation to increase. Either Limbaugh has lost his mind, or he is desperately trying anything to keep himself relevant as advertisers flee.

How hard must it be to be a mentally deranged conservative and see conspiracies against everywhere you go? People like Limbaugh can’t even watch television without their paranoia getting the best of them.

While Mitt Romney disintegrates before our very eyes, Rush Limbaugh is cracking up. In 99 days voters will chose between sanity and a return to the bad acid trip that is Republican leadership.

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