Bill Maher Sends Insane Racist Allen West Back to Crazy Town

Jun 30 2012 Published by under Featured News

Bill Maher responded to Allen West’s bogus claim that he called him an ape, by laying a dose of reality on the commie hunting, misogynistic, race baiting congressman.

Here is the video:

Maher said,

By the way I ignore a lot of the attacks I get from the Republican Party. I mean, I’m on Fox News every week, but Allen West, Allen West who is a congressman from Florida, nice looking man, total nut. I have to address this because he has a fundraising letter that is raising money on my name, which I think is very unfair. I wrote a blog where he says I linked his name with being an ape. No, I wrote a blog that contained the words ape and Allen West. By the way, the blog also had the word disco in it. I’m not linking Allen West with being in the Bee Gees.

This is the blog. At the beginning, yes, I call the Republican Party the Rise of the Party of the Apes. It’s a joke, a movie reference. Later on in the article, I mention certain Republicans. I mention Michele Bachmann. I mention Richard Lugar. I mention the guy Richard Lugar lost to, Richard Mourdock then way down I mention Allen West. Somehow this gets to be I’m calling Allen West an ape, and it’s racist. And by the way, it’s so comical, not just this, but the idea that the Republican Party of all people. The number one thing on their agenda is rooting out racism, wherever it is.

Allen West’s fundraising letter paints Bill Maher as the devil incarnate. The letter accuses Maher of being responsible for every bad thing outside of the Holocaust and the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby.

Before Rep. West begged for dollars, his letter began with, “This week, Obama’s million-dollar Super PAC donor and “comedian” Bill Maher leveled racial smears against Allen West and the “Party of the Apes.” Maher went on to say that when fellow Republican representatives greet Allen in Washington, they probably say, “‘Word, Allen. Word.’ Because that’s how they think black people talk.” …Of course, this isn’t the first time Bill Maher has made racist and sexist remarks. He has a history of offensive, misogynistic attacks on women as well.”

What the West letter left out was that Maher made his Planet of the Apes joke at the end of paragraph three, and West isn’t mentioned until paragraph eight. This little fact didn’t deter West from Maher was singling him out because he was black, “Like much of the media that protects him, Maher is rich, white, privileged, and powerful and therefore can say anything he pleases about a black man. You know, as long as it’s one of “those” black men — the kind that doesn’t behave the way the rich, white, powerful and privileged think he should.”

Rep. West knows his audience well. Notice how he tries to he tries to absolve Republicans of their racism by inventing a racist remark and attributing it to Bill Maher. If Allen West was so central to the blog post why was he mentioned after three other white Republicans?

Maher didn’t mention Allen West because he is black. He wrote about him because he is crazy.

One of Allen West’s first moves when he got to Congress was to propose legislation that would have eliminated comprehensive private insurance for women. Allen West has also made jokes about the “Letting Women Die Act.” One of Rep. West favorite hobbies also happens to be accusing African-Americans of racism.

The truth is that the only person playing the race card here, and that’s Rep. Allen West. Bill Maher not only defended himself, but also called out West for being the giant flaming hypocrite that he is. West has carved out a nice little niche for himself in the right wing world by being happy to parrot and attach himself to their racism.

Maher perfectly dissected the anatomy of a right wing attack. Take two sets of words that appear in an article or a statement, put them together, and spread a false conclusion. Even better, the Real Time host packed up Allen West’s ball of projection laced with insanity, and bought it a one way ticket back to Crazy Town.

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