Obama Shows His Class by Stopping Supporters from Booing Romney’s Patriotism

Jun 26 2012 Published by under Featured News

President Obama showed his class today by not allowing the Atlanta audience for his remarks to boo Mitt Romney.

Here is the video via TPM from C-SPAN:

Transcript via the White House:

THE PRESIDENT: And in this election, all of you have the opportunity to choose between two fundamentally different visions of how you grow America — two fundamentally different visions about who we are as a people and what makes this nation great. On one side you’ve got Mr. Romney and his allies in Congress —


THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Romney is a patriotic American. He’s got a beautiful family. He’s been very successful in his life. (Audience Laughter.) No, he has. But his basic vision is one in which if wealthy investors like him and folks at the very top are freed up from any kind of regulations, if they are maximizing their profits even if it means polluting more, or offshoring jobs, or avoiding taxes, or busting unions — whatever the strategies — if they’re doing well then everybody else is automatically doing well. That’s their view.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney lacks any of the decency and character that Barack Obama has exhibited since he appeared on the national scene. Romney has refused to distance himself from birthers like Donald Trump, nut job pedophiles who threaten the president like Ted Nugent, and he won’t even tell his supporters not to heckle the president.

(The fact that Romney supporters have to told to respect the President of the United States is mind blowing enough.)

After years of endless conspiracy theories, allegations, and a torrent of never ending hate speech and propaganda directed at him no one would begrudge the president if got into the mud a little himself, but he never does. President Obama appears to always be aware of his place in history as the first African-American president. Beyond that as president, he understands the example that he is setting for all Americans.

Obama behaves like Americans consistently suggest they want a president to act. Barack Obama is a good family man who works hard, avoids scandal, and has never disrespected the presidency. Yet, all of these reasons are exactly why the right hates him. They can’t stand the fact that this Democratic president does a better job of embodying the office that they view as their birthright.

Mitt Romney may have a private school education and unfathomable wealth, but he will never possess the character of Barack Obama. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy basic human decency.

If character still means anything, voters will elect President Barack Obama to a second term.

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