A Bernie Beat Down: Sen. Sanders Absolutely Shreds Mitt Romney

Jun 26 2012 Published by under Featured News

While discussing Citizens United, Bernie Sanders got on the topic of Mitt Romney and with visible disgust slammed the Republican nominee for his Koch clone ways.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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After explaining the impact of yesterday’s pro-Citizens United Supreme Court decision and lobbying for the Disclose Act, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) gutted Mitt Romney. Ed Schultz asked the Vermont senator if Romney will have to pay back these conservative billionaire donors. Sanders said, “Of course he will, Ed. But it’s not even paying them back, that is who he is. What does Romney talk about? He talks about to Wall Street he is going to deregulate Wall Street, the entity that caused this horrendous recession in which so many people are suffering. He is talking about more tax breaks for the wealthiest people in this country. At a time when we have lost millions of decent paying jobs because of outsourcing, Mr. Romney will take his outsourcing experience and make it even more prevalent. So it’s not that he will give them what they want, they are in the same boat together. They believe the same thing, more for the rich, and less for the middle class and working families. And by the way Ed, these guys if they get the power to do it, they’re going to go after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, educational opportunities. They are working day and night to create the oligarchy you just talked about.”

This is more than Bernie Sanders sounding the alarm about what is happening to our electoral system. Sen. Sanders connected the dots. Mitt Romney and Citizens United are one and the same. Romney is the human embodiment of Citizens United. If the conservative billionaires can get him elected it will set up a long line of future corporate presidential candidates, because Citizens United will have allowed them to buy the presidency.

Once they have purchased the presidency there will be little stopping them from implementing their agenda of permanent income inequality. Their goal is to return the United States to the pre-New Deal 1920s.

Sen. Sanders absolutely shredded Mitt Romney. People need to understand that Romney isn’t just benefiting from Citizens United; he is the tool of the forces behind the shady money. Mitt Romney is the tip of the right wing billionaire spear that is pointed directly at jobs, Social Security, Medicare, middle class tax credits, educational opportunities, financial aid for college, healthcare, and women’s reproductive rights.

Romney is the political missile who if elected has been programmed to destroy 80+ years of progress, and this Koch political WMD is fueled by Citizens United dollars. It is time for America to put the puzzle pieces together and understand that Citizens United and the 2012 election aren’t separate issues.

Bernie Sanders sees the threat posed by Mitt Romney, and hopefully the shredding of Citizens United Mitt has only begun.

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