Supreme Court Ruling Triggers a Drugged Out Paranoid Rush Limbaugh Freak Out

Jun 25 2012 Published by under Featured News

Conservatives never take bad news well. For instance, Rush Limbaugh responded to today’s Supreme Court immigration ruling with a super paranoid rant about Obama being president for life.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Transcript via Rush Limbaugh:

Limbaugh: The Politico headline: “A Hugely Consequential Week.” This week is about who and what we are as a country. I saw the other day Politico’s losing readership. It doesn’t surprise me. You want consequential? Let me give you consequential. Try asking these questions. What will the commerce clause mean after this week? Will the federal government have the constitutional authority to tell the American people what to purchase by force of law, and if we don’t, to be subjected to fines and imprisonment? That’s pretty consequential to me. If the federal government will be granted that power. And, by the way, I don’t say this jocularly.

If we have laws on the books that the federal government’s not gonna enforce regarding immigration, why should election law be enforced? No, no, no, seriously. We’ve got precedent, folks, from this administration. We have it. DOMA, immigration law, any number of other instances. What if Obama decides that the 22nd Amendment’s no longer relevant, limiting presidents to two terms? What if he just decides it’s not relevant anymore, that that’s part of this antiquated constitution, doesn’t take into account the will of the people. Well, I think it’s worth throwing out. You might say, “Come on, Rush, there’s no way Obama would ever dispense with elections.”

Yeah, there’s no way Obama would ever not enforce immigration law. There’s no way Obama would ignore the Constitution and just write a health care law that basically pees all over it. No way, Obama wouldn’t do any of that, Democrat Party, no, they respect the rule, they wouldn’t do anything like that. No, of course they wouldn’t. Why should civil rights laws be enforced? Once you start cherry-picking these things and once the laws you enforce or don’t enforce strictly because whether you like ’em or not, what if we started obeying laws on that basis or not? If the president of the United States can choose to enforce or not enforce law because he likes them or doesn’t like them, what about us? What if we disagree with the speeding law? What if we disagree with the driving while drinking law? What if we disagree with the drug laws?

Mr. President, I don’t like that law. I don’t like the law that says I can’t smoke all the marijuana I want. Screw you. Well, we know what would happen to us. We don’t have the ability to choose which laws we obey or not, without consequence. He does. The only consequence for him is at the ballot box. It’s the only consequence he faces. And that’s once every four years. Will the federal government have the constitutional authority to tell the American people what to purchase by force of law? Will we have private health care in five years if Obamacare is upheld? Who will be the first American negatively affected by a death panel?

Let me translate what Limbaugh was saying above, “Scare the white people. Obama is black. Scare the white people. Fear, fear, fear, and in case you have not gotten the point yet, the black man in the White House is super-duper scary.”

Somebody better tell Rush that the government already has the authority to tell people what they have to buy. The government makes people by auto insurance, or face a penalty. The government makes parents put their small children in car seats. The government makes parents take their children to the doctor for vaccinations.

It is laughable that Limbaugh wants his listeners to think that the healthcare ruling is about some unprecedented new governmental power. You can always tell when conservatives are having a bad day, because they always pick themselves up with a good persecution conspiracy theory. Fox News pulled out death panels. Rush Limbaugh mentioned death panels, but his main focus was on the Obama is despot who is going to rule us all for life under his iron fist conspiracy.

On a related note, notice how the right is putting all the hopes in the Obamacare basket? If the Supreme Court doesn’t entirely kill Obamacare on Thursday, we better set up some sort of mass suicide watch, because the right is going to completely lose it.

Rush’s conservative Supreme Court didn’t go his way on immigration, so like all of the weak minded right that he speaks for, he had to retreat to persecution fantasy land. Remember kids, the right can only be happy when they feel like they are being oppressed.

I wish we could call this an emotional reaction to a passionate issue, but Limbaugh’s rant was just the byproduct of decades of brain damage caused by drug abuse and conservatism.

Whether it was the drug abuse or conservatism that damaged his brain more, is a point that is best left for society to debate.

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