Republicans Go From Fast and Furious to Slow and Stupid

Jun 24 2012 Published by under Featured News

While Darrell Issa was on Fox stating there was no White House cover up, Rick Perry was on CBS calling Obama, ‘Nixon.’ The GOP has truly gone from Fast and Furious to Slow and Stupid.

Here is Rep. Darrell Issa on Fox News Sunday saying there was no White House cover up:

When asked by Chris Wallace if he thought there was a White House cover up of Fast and Furious, Issa said, “No, we don’t. And what we are seeking are documents we know to exist, February 4th to December, that are, in fact, about Brian Terry’s murder, who knew, and why people were lying about it, and get to the truth. That’s all we want.”

Meanwhile at the same time on Face The Nation, Rick Perry was accusing the White House of a cover up:

Transcript of Perry contradicting everything Issa was saying via CBS News:

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Well, what we were talking about there is the economic impact that it has on the states. And– and these two issues, of which President Obama and what we as governors have to deal with, are completely and absolutely different. President Obama is going around the Congress and, frankly, a– a very lawless way of doing it. He’s basically– he couldn’t get it done through Congress, so he’s just basically, during a election year, using this as a political wedge issue. Very, very different. What Governor Romney has strongly talked about was securing the border. And that’s what all of us governors have to deal with is the reality of a federal government that has absolutely failed when it comes to the issue of securing the border. If this President over the last three and a half years had made any effort to secure the border instead of running operations like Fast and Furious where– I mean, Bob, you got to admit, this is almost Nixonian, if not absolutely Nixonian in the cover-up that’s going on with this Fast and Furious. Don’t you agree with that?

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, I would– I would ask you what do you think should be done on that? Do you think Congress should hold the attorney general in contempt? It’s– it’s coming down to that. Give me your thoughts on what should happen here.

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Well, when you think about it, we’ve had over three hundred Mexican nationals killed directly attributable to this Fast and Furious operation where they brought those guns into Mexico, and a former Marine and a Border Patrol agent by the name of Brian Terry lost his life. I mean, with Watergate, you had a second-rate burglary. And now you have a President who is using his executive privilege to keep that information from Congress. If that’s not Nixonian, then I don’t know what is, Bob.

BOB SCHIEFFER: So but– but you’re saying– would you favor the Congress holding him in contempt because it looks like that’s what may be about to happen here?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: What I would favor is the President of the United States being transparent with what is going on. I mean what is so important– I mean what are they hiding? What has gone on that is so important that I’m going to use executive privilege to keep the United States Congress from having documents? This is really troubling.

BOB SCHIEFFER (overlapping): What– what–

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: Very troubling to the American people.

BOB SCHIEFFER: What exactly are you accusing the President of here, Governor?

GOVERNOR RICK PERRY: I don’t know. I mean that’s the issue. If– if– if he will be transparent, if he will be open with Congress and the American people then we will know what went on with Fast and Furious. Why were those guns being transported and– and then totally lost control of, and ending up in the hands of cartels who used them for criminal activities up to and including murder of United States Border Patrol Agent.

This is why Fast and Furious will never be a major scandal. Republicans can’t even agree among themselves on their talking points. It can be argued that the Republicans’ real problem started when someone let Rick Perry a.k.a. Sarah Palin South loose on national television. Much like his Alaskan soul mate Rick Perry doesn’t follow the news much, but he loves a good Obama conspiracy theory.

The debacle grows even more humorous when you realize that Perry was on Face The Nation as a Romney surrogate, but he seemed more interested in talking about anything other than Mitt Romney.

Fox News Sunday and Face The Nation were airing live at the same time while two Republicans on two different networks give two different talking points on whether or not there is a White House cover up.

The right wants the American people to believe that the Obama administration has done something heinous and horrible, but have no idea what exactly that was. As usual, the GOP’s blind hatred of Obama is causing them to make fools of themselves.

By the time they trotted out Boy Sarah Palin (Rick Perry) today, The GOP’s fast and furious had become slow and stupid. And most of America still could care less about their bogus “scandal”.

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