In the Face of Judicial Tyranny Alan Grayson Outs SCOTUS’s Right Wing Cabal

Jun 22 2012 Published by under Featured News, U.S. Supreme Court

Alan Grayson warned the Supreme Court that if they strike down Obamacare, the entire country will know that they are nothing more than a right wing cabal.

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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Ed Schulz asked Alan Grayson if the door would be open for single payer should the Supreme Court strike down Obamacare. Grayson answered, “Well, first of all to overturn the healthcare law they should be ruling on a single question of whether the individual mandate is constitutional or not, and the best argument are that they should leave the rest of the bill alone. That question of severability is pretty clear in the law. The question is can the bill function without the individual mandate. The answer obviously is yes. So these payments, the affordability credits that people will start to enjoy next year, all the other elements of the bill, including by the way the elimination of the doughnut hole for seniors. These are things that the Court should not strike down. If they do strike it down, it will be clear to everyone that the court’s become a right wing cabal.”

Grayson’s comment that it will be clear to everyone that the Supreme Court will be a right wing cabal implied that it is already clear to people who follow politics that the court is a right wing cabal, but overturning the ACA would make it obvious to everyone in the country.

The fact that it isn’t obvious, even after the Citizens United ruling, is the reason why the Supreme Court can continue to get away with their activist right wing rewriting and reimagining of the constitution with such little public outcry. Most Americans aren’t paying attention. The modern era of Supreme Court conservative judicial activism began with handing George W. Bush the presidency in 2000, but even then, the American people said comparatively little.

Logic and legal precedent suggest that the Supreme Court will throw out the individual mandate, and let the rest of the law stand However the current conservative majority court has already shown their willingness to violate the separation of powers and make new laws, so predicting what they will do with the Affordable Care Act is little more than a guessing game.

Conservative justices Scalia and Thomas are hanging out with the Koch Brothers, engaged in multiple conflicts of interests, and are basing their opinions on their partisan biases. The Supreme Court has been completely corrupted by corporate billionaire dollars and partisan politics. In short, the current conservative majority is the best that money can buy.

Grayson was correct. If America hasn’t realized it by now, the Supreme Court is an activist right wing cabal. Once those checks don’t go out, maybe people will realize what this court is doing to the country. The best and only hope for cracking this cabal is the reelection of Barack Obama and the retirement or death of one of the conservative justices.

No matter how they rule on the Affordable Care Act, breaking the High Court’s conservative cabal should be a top priority.

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