Bernie Sanders Nails the GOP: ‘If it’s Good for America, We Can’t Do it’

Jun 13 2012 Published by under Featured News


Sen. Bernie Sanders has perfectly summed up what Republicans stand for in one sentence, ‘If it’s good for America, if it creates jobs, if it’s good for Barack Obama, we can’t do it.’

Here is the video from MSNBC:


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Ezra Klein explained the nation’s infrastructure problems and asked Sen. Bernie Sanders why we aren’t spending on infrastructure. Sen. Sanders said, “Everything you said is true. Everybody knows you have to invest in infrastructure. We can create millions of decent paying jobs in the long term and I speak as a former mayor, you obviously save money because you don’t have to do constant repairs as we’ve just seen. The simple reason is I’m afraid that you have a Republican mindset that says, hmm, let’s see we can repair the infrastructure, save money long time, and create millions of jobs, bad idea. Barack Obama will look good, and we’ve got to do everything that we can to make Barack Obama look bad, so despite the fact that we had a modest bipartisan transportation bill, roads, bridges, public transit pass the senate with over 70 votes, Inhofe, the most conservative guy in the senate, working with Barbara Boxer, we can’t get that bill moving in the House of Representatives. So if you’re asking me why, I would say hundred percent political. If it’s good for America, if it creates jobs, if it’s good for Barack Obama, we can’t do it.”

Sen. Sanders hit the nail on the head. Republicans aren’t for fixing the infrastructure because that will help the economy. Sanders is one of the few senators who is open and honest about the Republicans goal of intentionally sinking the economy in order to defeat Obama. Republicans don’t want the economy to get better. They want to keep the American people miserable because they see misery as their path to victory in November.

Bernie Sanders just gave Democrats the one and only slogan that they need to sum up the Republican plan for America. If it will create jobs, if it is good for America, Republicans are against it. It is a very simple message that can be supported with positions on almost every issue. Republicans oppose any legislation to create jobs. Republicans oppose raising taxes on the wealthy. They oppose unemployment insurance, Social Security, and Medicare. They oppose spending money to hire back police, teachers, and firefighters. Anything that would help you, the American people, they are against.

It is a great message. If Democrats are smart, they will thank Bernie Sanders, and hammer it home every day from now until November.

So why wait for the Democratic Party to figure it out?

Tweet share and spread the word that, “If it’s good for America, if it creates jobs, if it’s good for Barack Obama, we can’t do it.”

We the people can expose the Republican Party one tweet, email, and Facebook share at time.

It is time to follow Bernie’s lead, and fight back against the Greedy Oligarch Party.



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