If Obama is Bad for Business Why Are Foreign Investors Flocking To The United States?

Jun 11 2012 Published by under Featured News


Hold up, wait a minute. This can not be true. President Obama is bad for business! Why would foreign investors be coming to the United States to invest.

According to CNN Money,

"The State Department expects to issue over 6,000 "investor visas" in the current fiscal year, which would be an all-time record. Other countries, meanwhile, are following the U.S.'s lead, keen to spur growth in lean economic times."

So as the other party is telling average Americans how terrible President Obama is doing, foreign investors see opportunity in America. They see America is on track for tremendous growth.

This actually goes in line with what I wrote for my website USAprogressive, "Does Obama deserve a second term?" In this article I pointed to 4 economic facts that have occurred under Obama's watch.

First, the Dow Jones has increased 85% from 2009-2012, the S&P 500 has increased 98% since Obama took office, and corporate profits after taxes have increased 68% since President Obama took his oath. Now finally, Obama has turned this economy around from losing 750,000 jobs a month in the first quarter of 2009, to averaging growth of 150,000 jobs per month.

So either foreign investors are really stupid to invest in America, when they could be investing more in Brazil, Russia and China or they see amazing economic strength coming down the pipe for America! You decide!

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