Fu*king Brian: The Attempted Shaming of Melissa Stetten

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Melissa Stetten is the gorgeous model who live tweeted the clichéd alleged pick-up lines of a tipsy D list actor whilst on a red eye from LA to NYC. Turns out said actor is married and claims to be sober and is a big time Christian. Melissa tweeted at one point “Did I ruin Brian’s life?” Prophetic Melissa.

Her tweets are hysterical and Brian’s denial on his FB page  only confirms that yes, indeed, his grasp on the English language is as tenuous as Melissa described in her tweets (thereby further supporting her take on him as accurate).



A must-read especially if you live in LA; God wanted Brian to be famous, collabo & craft, artists brought together by like "divine interception".…. every reason you ever wanted to move (except the traffic).

But the drama! Melissa really made Team Brian mad. They White Knighted to her blog and Twitter to call her a “c*nt” and blame her for Brian’s behavior. It is Melissa’s fault for telling anyone that married Brian took his ring off and tried to hit on her. She is the evil spawn of Satan; aka, a mirror of Brian’s behavior. They claim that she made it up, is only looking for attention, and is a c*nt (names have been shortened or deleted for privacy, and their correctly spelled word has been replaced with an asterisk to read c*nt*):

Joe | June 7, 2012 at 8:12 pm | Reply Attention whore

Anonymous | June 7, 2012 at 8:28 pm | Reply You are a fucking c*nt for doing this, the internet doesnt give a fuck about Brian but this made you seem like the most pretentious passive aggressive bitch on the world.

I smell tuna | June 7, 2012 at 8:41 pm | Reply Seems pretty c*nty to me too, to be honest. I’m not sure when alcohol relapse became a funny thing. So for that, I hope someone you love struggles with drugs. HAHAHAHA FUNNY RIGHT? Next time one of your family members is having issues in their life can you tweet about it so we can read about it?

This_is_wrong | June 7, 2012 at 10:16 pm | Reply We can only hope that you mess up somehow and get blasted on the internet. That shit stays for life u dumb c*nt. It doesnt matter how wrong he was, you’re taking pleasure in watching others perish… I pity you

B — | June 7, 2012 at 11:41 pm | Reply How to keep a c*nt in check: http://manhood101.com

I really, really want to believe that these comments came from 17 year old boys ("I smell tuna" really?), but I'm afraid they project: “If I hit on a 20 something year old woman while married, this might happen to me and that would make her a c*nt.”

Just wondering, is “c*nt” the magical silencer? Is it possible to question her story without calling her a c*nt, or is c*nt needed because without that, there’s not a lot of doubt left that Brian is indeed a hypocrite.

Here’s the accusations made by the "c*nt"-busters:

1). She made this up. Well, this could be true. However, what motive would she have had to make this up about a person she didn’t know when she began tweeting his LA Story monologue? (You might have to live in LA to get how predictable this story gets; good Christian came to LA from the farm to save the world for the God, and Jesus saw to it for the craft.) It was only after one of her followers sent her his IMDb profile that she realized who he was.

Why is this claim being made? Is it because Brian’s behavior doesn’t reflect well upon him and doesn’t “mesh” with his interviews with Christianity Today, wherein Brian discussed how God saved him from the sins of Hollywood, he found Jesus again and “I'm thankful that God spared my life. I feel similar to my character at the end of the movie, when he's able to see his kids and wife with a different set of eyes.”

Really, Brian? When you use your sobriety, family life and Jesus for career gain and publicity as part of your public image,  and it turns out that you’re currently drinking and hitting on a young woman, would you say that’s relevant to your redemption story? Brian blamed the Devil for his suicidal thoughts, “That's how powerful the Devil is” so maybe the Devil is also behind airplane Hyde. Brian denies that airplane Hyde exists, but he never came out and outright denied saying the things she claims he said.

He wrote, "None of what this person said happened is true!" This is not the sort of denial that flies past police and FBI, who would note that he never writes, "I did not take my wedding ring off, I did not drink beer, I am innocent, I did not flirt with Melissa or come on to her" but instead uses the passive voice and a general denial. Also, some of what she said happened did happen, by his own admission; he did speak to her. That's another sign of a deceptive statement.

No facts are presented as evidence that Melissa made this up, except the motive they assign to her of….

2). “Attention whore”. What is this charge based on? They don’t tell us, except that she shouldn’t have embarrassed Brian by live tweeting her rejection of him to her followers.

Yes, but oversharing on FB and Twitter is hardly new. Melissa is a model (wait, our entire culture is vapid and narcissistic, so why are we holding this against her?)  and she live tweeted her entire conversation with Brian, so yes, she might be looking for attention.

Is this bad now? Looking for attention does not make her a whore and it does not make her a liar. Have all women sworn to not tell on the married man hitting on them? I didn't get that memo.

And then there's the sexual shaming/misogyny, used in conjunction with the next word….

3). Melissa is a “c*nt” and therefore wrong and should be ignored. What exactly does a c*nt consist of, and how do we know that Melissa is one, just because Team Brian decided to call her it?

C*nt is actually not a bad thing, but we realize that it’s being used as a bad thing, just as being gay is not a bad thing, but calling someone a “fa*got” is an attempt to humiliate them. A good girl should not be a c*nt. C*nt is saved for the worst of women. How do we know Melissa is the worst of women?

Because she publicly embarrassed a man.

Beautiful, sexy, desirable Melissa rejected a man and live tweeted his shame to the world. She must be punished and she must be deemed a liar. Also, too, if they can find a way to make her the sexual perv for the misogyny:

‏MelissaStetten tweets, "LOVE misogynists! RT @johndoggs: @MelissaStetten used sexual frustration of not being able to f*ck him come out in miserable childish tweets"

Melissa used to live with #rwnj shock jock Anthony Cumia of T & A Gate and Weiner Gate/Breitbart revelations Opie & Anthony. She says they spent their time watching Toddlers and Tiaras and "complaining about liberals." Her taste in men may be questionable, but her A list status as a desirable object to men like Brian who are not interested in her humanity is not. She and Anthony broke up after she learned that he was pulling a Brian (not the first time). See how this works?

Maybe if the moral high-grounders who call Melissa a c*nt want to save themselves the same embarrassment they will remember not to hit on the gorgeous model sitting next to them when they are married. Is that so hard?

It would be one thing if it were, indeed, complicated. But according to Brian himself, things are not complicated at his household, but perfect. He is happily married and a father. So why is he telling a stranger on a plane that he has never been married?

Why was Brian hitting on Melissa? Was it really “divine interception” or was it because he saw her as a sexual object/conquest for his ego? Brian knew nothing about Melissa except that she was … Hot.

And clearly in his mind and his team's mind, because of this, Melissa owed Brian either a) a romp in the mile high club or b) secrecy.

It's 2012. Here's a clue: Some women might not enjoy being treated like a piece of meat by a married troll clearly looking for a one-off. It’s ancient. They might use social media to express their exasperation. This might mean that said man is busted to his wife. Whose fault is this?

Brian is the liar in this scenario, to both his wife and Melissa. That makes him the bad guy, and no amount of shaming Melissa will change those facts. If only Brian had not confirmed his identity with his grammar fail tell.

Team Brian fell off their high horse with “c*nt”. Gotta hand it to them, though, it’s tough to defend a lying hypocrite whose only interest in Melissa was her value to his ego as a sex object. Praise Jesus, for the art.

Irony: Accusing Melissa of being an attention whore with bad motives, while Team Brian moral high-grounders call her a c*nt.

Apparently, for Team Brian, "c*nt" holds magical powers of assigning all blame to the woman. And they say the war on women doesn't exist. I'm guessing this will end with never-said-she-was-perfect-but-she-sure-is-funny Melisssa getting a writing job, thereby striking more fear into the hearts of hypocrites the country wide.


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*NSFW Asterisk used on their comments are mine.

Image: From Melissa Stetten's blog

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