Timeline: How Obama Dug America Out of a Depression

Jun 06 2012 Published by under Featured News

The next time a Republican asks where are the jobs, show them this chart that demonstrates how deep of a hole President Barack Obama has dug us out of.

President Obama would be the first person to admit that there is much more digging to be done, and this is normally the part where Obama supporters insert the typical incumbent don’t change horses in midstream talk, but in this case there really is more at stake than that. In Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, voters are being presented with two starkly different ideologies. The wealth flows to the top mentality of Mitt Romney was already tried by George W. Bush with the result being an economy that transformed from healthy and robust to on life support by the time the Republican left office. Obama has consistently expressed a preference for fiscally prudent programs that encourage job growth and creation.

The Obama presidency has been characterized by rare long term thinking. President Obama wants to change the course of the American economy for decades to come. What we will find out in November is whether voters will reward his ambitious long term thinking with a second term.

What is clear though is that Obama has gotten the country moving in the right direction again. Republicans will continue to argue that the country is falling apart and all is going wrong, but look at the chart. The numbers don’t lie.

Obama’s argument will be that there is lots of room for improvement, and if given four more years, the economy continue to grow. What is clear is that a country on the verge of total collapse was saved by this president. His reelection may hinge on whether or not voters are convinced that he is the man to lead the country into the next phase of recovery.

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