Pro-Walker Groups Spreading False Info To Keep Voters From Voting

Jun 05 2012 Published by under Featured News

Wisconsin state Sen. Lena Taylor is calling on the GAB to investigate two pro-Walker groups who are spreading false information to keep voters from voting in the recall.

In a letter to the Government Accountability Board, Taylor wrote,

Even though these tactics are a violation of Wisconsin law, absolutely no one should be surprised that they are being used. Republicans use illegal voter suppression tactics for the same reason that Wal-Mart uses illegal tactic to keep unions from organizing in their stores. The reward outweighs the penalty. If the pro-Walker groups are found to have engaged in illegal activities they may face a fine or jail, but the results of the election that they illegally influenced will still stand. Therefor, the reward of getting Walker a victory in the recall is worth more than any penalties that will be incurred for violating the law.

Republicans know that they have to keep turnout down in order to win this election. Extremely high Democratic turnout will spell doom for Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor, and the Republicans in the state senate who are facing their own recall elections. Gov. Walker is already swimming in deep waters with the John Doe investigation closing in on him. Anybody with a pulse should know who "John Doe" is, and it ain't Gary Cooper. Scott Walker and his supporters have nothing to lose by going all in on every voter suppression activity in the book.

The name of the game for Walker is to survive the recall, and then hope beyond hope that the he isn't indicted. Walker keeps denying that he is John Doe, but with the news that his former top aide has flipped on him and is now cooperating with the prosecution, the governor's pathetic denials should fool no one, but his most blinded supporters. When you combine an emotional election, an expected close result, and a growing investigation together you get a climate that is perfect for voter suppression and fraud.

Republicans already began their preemptive projection of voter fraud days ago, but in reality the GOP have become experts in the fields of voter suppression and election fraud. The best way to combat the efforts of the pro-Walker groups is to get the correct information out there.

If you signed a recall petition, you still have to vote. Your signature does not equal a vote against Gov. Walker. The recall is today, not tomorrow.

You can find your polling place here.

Voter suppression tactics work when people aren't informed of their rights. By the time the Government Accountability Board investigates it will too late. Only through understanding your rights and educating others will these illegal tactics be defeated.

It is your day, Wisconsin. Don't let your freedom to vote be stolen.

Image:Jackpine Radical @ Democratic Underground

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