Constituent Demands to Know Why Allen West Has His Own Gestapo Security

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In a recent Allen West town hall, a 5’3” young woman was asking a polite question about Mr West’s position on gay marriage when suddenly she was confronted mid-speech by Mr. West’s “storm troopers” who didn’t just tell her and her mother to leave, but went on to clean the place of any American who dared to voice an opinion Mr West didn’t like.

Watch freedom ring, and remember the town halls when real Americans were trying to have debates about healthcare and were met by armed, irate, screaming teabaggers who refused to allow other Americans their rights to be heard – for the liberty?

Allen West’s “Gestapo”:

A commenter named fltruthandjustice wrote:

Allen West was in Boca Raton May 29th campaigning in what he cloaked as a town hall forum. What did not make this a town hall forum was the fact that West’s campaign seems oblivious to the meaning of the term town hall. Typically public officials respond to and hear from their constituents on a variety of subjects and interests. In an Allen West town hall if he does not want to answer the question he cries fowl (sic) and calls out his security team to remove his constituents who pose questions at him that he does not want to answer.

This was the case when he was asked by one young constituent about his stance on gay marriage. The question was posed as equality and its direct correlation to gay marriage and the right for all individuals to pursue this liberty.

Before West even started answering the young woman, a rather repressed looking guy wearing some sort of pin was headed for the errant American who dared to ask a question of the Freedom Bagger.

West, watching the “concerned citizen/hired security/freak” beeline for the young woman, responded by saying “I just told you, I do not support gay marriage, it’s between a man and a woman and take it up with 41 other states who think the same.”

Then, you see “concern troll/belief guard/freak” wave his fingers toward security indicating that this person, this young person, must go.

This so alarms an audience member that he says clearly, “Congressman, you need to control your security person. Who is this person? Is he with you?” as the Freak plays Storm Trooper to the American citizen.

Up come the police, ready to do Freak’s orders. They aren’t just security, they’ve got their bullet proof vests on, lest any of the seniors try to ask Mr. West why there’s a two and half year waiting list now in Florida for Medicare needs or why they are being purged from Florida’s voter rolls.

Yes, it’s true, all of you who spoke must go…. And the police set about rounding up Mr West’s constituents (the 5’3” woman and her mother — the boys were scared, you know), while the audience member continues, “Who is this person? These guys are harassing us. Yes they are. Are they with you?”

West replies, “They are American citizens” as if Freak’s American citizenship gives him the right to confront and bully the 5’3” woman but somehow her American citizenship is in question for West.

Audience member continues, “Why are you traveling with storm troopers and Gestapo around you?” Much clapping.

‘Course, he had to go. You’ve seen the Hunger Games, so you know how they need to punish anyone like this fellow who might give hope to the serfs. He, too, was un-American apparently. All you complicits and compliants may stay.

It’s almost amusingly sad to watch these grown men play dress up (watch Freak touch his belly like he’s a packin’ Clint Eastwood) while West plays congressman who can’t debate an issue as plain as gay rights without ducking under “Well, 41 other states agree with me!” argument, but then you realize, these folks are not well.

fltruthandjustice outlined the details:

The constituent, Heather Frazier from Wellington, persisted in trying to circle back to the equality issue when Allen West summoned his security to literally get in the 5’3 tall Frazier’s face and tell her to leave “she was done”. Frazier was in the audience with her mother Debbie Frazier, who held up pink slips with a small list Allen West’s votes and failures as a representative within the community. West could not help himself and read the list out loud mocking the pink slip.

Oh, yes, mocking the citizens while the Freak guards the Little Brain. For the freedom of speech.

The problem was as West read the list his mocking showed his absolute and complete lack of compassion toward his community…

That’s where Allen West comes from, but he would not allow young Heather Frazier to express where she comes from, being a child raised by a gay mother and realizing that society is not equal and fair to the gay community.

Why do Tea Party Republicans require so much security and why can’t they handle dissenting points of view?

It seemed as if Heather Frazier simply wanted to be heard — wanted the chance to articulate and advocate the position of her family – after all, they don’t have fancy lobbyists in DC. It’s just them. A town hall is their chance to ask their representative questions.

Debbie Frazier, Heather’s mother, gave this statement to us today, “As a gay mother, I find it ironic that my daughter is braver, more polite and obviously more patient than a US Congressman. We went to the meeting as advocates of Seniors rights. Mr. West used the forum as a one-sided campaign stump for the vice-presidency. It was clear from the beginning this wasn’t about healthcare. We did not pose the question, as you see on the video, he clearly did not care about anything but his agenda. It saddens me that a child, concerned for the rights of everyone, was bullied and harassed by a Congressman who uses intimidation. Plainly, Mr. West does not understand love and respect.”

Mr. West then has the unmitigated obtuseness to claim that he’s not scared of the people, but he’s having them thrown out because a right wing nut job (yes, another “long wolf” actor in a long line of mentally ill people who believe what they hear from the uber right and then tragically act on it stochastic terrorism style) shot Democrat Gabby Giffords and West wants to protect his constituents.

West must have missed the part about how Giffords was targeted by his own Tea Party base for a year before she was shot, believing as they did that the Affordable Healthcare Act was going to put them all in death camps and steal the liberty. It was Tea Party queen Sarah Palin who put the crosshairs on Giffords’ district.

We pause for irony and to absorb the low-level genius of using the violence they stirred up to further silence the same people they were targeting with the violence. Genius.

The “Gestapo” Storm Troopers were brought to you by Allen West of the Liberty Lovin’ Tea Party, the same “hero” who in Iraq as a lieutenant colonel terrorized an Iraqi whom he accused of plotting to kill him, but had to concede later that he had no proof of it. Nor was any proof forthcoming as a result of his terrorist tactics (e.g., he shot a gun in the direction of the detainee and his soldiers thought he had killed the man, but no, just terrified him). The suspect was never charged. West admitted he might have been wrong. West resigned during the investigation into his tactics according to news reports, and he was fined instead of court martialed.

And guess what? West’s justification for torture was the exact same as he used for the “Storm Troopers” at his town hall.

PolitiFact reported, “I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers,” West said at his hearing. “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.”

And yet, what West said to the Iraqi was, “I’m here for a reason,” West said, according to a solider. “You are going to tell me who wants to kill me, or I am going to kill you.”

So it wasn’t really all about West’s soldiers then, and this wasn’t about his constituents. It was about him, his bad judgment, his irrational fears and his propensity for bullying.

Allan West’s job as a congressman is pretty simple and he gets paid really well by us to do it. All he has to do is listen to constituents and pretend to be courteous for a few minutes, and then ignore Americans’ real concerns while he plays Culture War Hero. Why is it that he can’t even tolerate a few moments of dissenting opinion?

Perhaps the Tea Party is just an entitlement, a royal/corporate endowment from the Koch Brothers, rather than a part of a representative democracy.

Updated: 4:40 PM with statement from Debbie Frazier

Image: Allan West and Freak “Storm Trooper Leader”

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