MSNBC Is Not Fox: Ed Schultz Won’t Speak At Wisconsin Democratic Convention

Jun 04 2012 Published by under Featured News

A recent AP story stating that Ed Schultz would be speaking at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention was shot down by MSNBC today. Schultz will attend only as media.

The original AP story stated that, “The head of the Democratic National Committee will be one of the guest speakers when the Wisconsin Democratic Party holds its convention in Appleton next week. DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been confirmed as one of the speakers. The Florida congresswoman will be joined by Ed Schultz, a nationally syndicated radio and talk-show host.”

At the time this seemed odd, because MSNBC made a big production out of burning all bridges with Keith Olbermann after he made three unapproved political donations in 2010, but it turns out that Schultz now will not be speaking at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention. According to TVNewser an MSNBC spokesperson said, “Ed does not have a speaking role at the Wisconsin Democratic convention. The convention is open to press and Ed plans to attend.”

Interestingly, the short MSNBC denial doesn’t say whether or not Schultz originally was scheduled to speak, only that he now will be attending the convention as a member of the media. If Schultz was never scheduled to speak then somewhere along the way there was a miscommunication, but it is entirely possible that staring their potential hypocrisy in the eye caused the network to put the kibosh on Schultz’s appearance.

I think it is great that Schultz is attending the convention. In fact, I wish MSNBC would carry some of the event. Wisconsin is going to remain an epicenter for grassroots activity after the recall election, and in many ways the state has becoming the heart of true grassroots political activism. It is good to see MSNBC sticking their policy of not mixing journalism and activism, because Schultz does more for the causes he believes in by talking about them on his nightly program than he ever could accomplish by addressing the faithful at a political convention.

MSNBC still isn’t Fox News, but viewers must remain vigilant and continue to hold MSNBC to a higher standard than their top rated sewer dwelling competition, because the left needs MSNBC to be more than a third place Fox News clone.

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