Obama: Republicans Bamboozled People Into Thinking They Are Fiscally Disciplined

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Ed was on a tear last night, attacking Republicans for accusing the President of being a failure. Specifically, ideological showboater Paul Ryan, who accused the President of being a failure whilst speaking at the Reagan library. Ironies abound, given Reagan’s tax rates.

And then Ed rolled a clip of the President that will make your day. President Obama isn’t taking any crap off of these clowns anymore. Obama, frustration evident, said, “This other side, I don’t know how they’ve been bamboozling folks into thinking that they are the responsible, fiscally disciplined party. They run up these wild debts, and then when we take over, we’ve got to clean it up!”

Watch here courtesy of MSNBC:

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This is a fascinating claim, made by a man who might be Mitt Romney’s vice president (Paul Ryan). You never know. Let’s start with the economy and jobs.

This chart, absolutely says it all. You can see the Republicans’ epic failure of the Bush administration and what happened when president Obama came in and the turnaround took place. After digging us out of a hole, President Obama has delivered 26 months of private sector job growth.

We ought to call this the delie map. What about Mitt Romney’s jobs’ record? Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 states in this country in job creation during Romney’s time as governor. 47 out of 50? That’s a failing grade, isn’t it?

And next, how about General Motors and the automobile industry? It was left for dead the time president Obama took office. Now GM is number one in the world and the United States automobile industry is coming roaring back in a big, big way. Mitt Romney would have left the automobile industry go bankrupt. That’s what he wrote.

Next, there’s this guy named Osama bin Laden who’s not breathing anymore or plotting against the United States. I suppose that’s a failure too in the eyes of the Republicans. President Bush used torture trying to get Osama bin laden. President Obama, he didn’t use torture, but he did get the world’s number one terrorist. And in 2007, Mitt Romney said it’s not worth moving heaven and earth to get him.

What about war? What about war? Bush gave us two unfunded wars, off the budget. President Obama got us out of one of them, and he’s getting us out of the other one. Mitt Romney wants to get us into more conflicts. By the way, we should point out that a lot of the guys who were with Bush are with Romney now. Even Colin Powell said that. Now, if we are to believe his warmongering on Iran, holy smokes, we ought to be nervous.

Even on the president’s most controversial action, health care, he paid for the entire package. Bush 43 gave us medicare part “d,” but didn’t pay for it.

Which brings us to the deficit and the debt. The biggest cause of the deficits through 2019 are going to be the Bush tax cuts, if they are not reined in, as well as the Bush wars. The spending under President Obama, spending under the last five presidents, has grown the slowest under President Obama. That’s a fact. These are facts and President Obama is not going to let them call him a failed president.

Roll clip of Obama speaking:

President Obama: Since I’ve been president, federal spending has risen at the lowest pace in nearly 60 years. This other side, I don’t know how they’ve been bamboozling folks into thinking that they are the responsible, fiscally disciplined party. They run up these wild debts, and then when we take over, we’ve got to clean it up. And they point and say, look how irresponsible they are. Look at the facts! Look at the numbers!

The President is right, even PolitiFact agrees. President Obama is the most fiscally responsible president we’ve had in a long time.

The President sounded a little ticked off, noting that he has had to clean up the Republicans’ mess and now they have the nerve to make up outright lies about his record, while selling themselves as fiscally responsible.

I know it, you know it, and probably most Republican politicians know it. But damn it felt good to hear the President finally say it.

The President just called Republicans out on their blatant lies. If they thought he was going to lay there and take it Kerry style, they have another thing coming.

It’s about time this President got credit for his sound fiscal policies, but instead Republicans shamelessly and knowingly lie to the public as if they don’t understand that you can’t lower taxes on the rich and start two wars without going into debt.

This is a seasoned President speaking; one who has handled the pressures of a global economic melt down with calm and deliberation, while at the same time dealing with an obstructionist party so obstinate that they actually voted no on their own ideas just to spite Obama.

He’s not a boy, and yet they keep treating him as if he were. Underestimating their opponent will be their demise. The only challenge for Obama is can he dumb himself down enough to fight with thugs, liars and cowards hiding behind Super PACS while rumor-mongering about birth certificates.

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