Sponsor a Uterus And Save An American Woman from Herself

May 23 2012 Published by under Featured News

Sponsor a uterus!

Now you can make decisions for a uterus stuck in a woman’s body from thousands of miles away, and you don’t even have to know the woman hosting the uterus. Help uteri be all you’ve decided they were meant to be, and save an American woman from herself in the process!

Courtesy of @katelambertinfo:

Please share and save an American woman…from herself.

Sponsor a Uterus is brought to you by a uterus hosted in Kate Lambert’s body, who clearly needs to be freed from her brilliant mind if Republicans are going to gain full control over it.

Vote Republican so Kate and other women like her can stop thinking for themselves. We have, after all, decided that it’s way too much for us, and that’s why we are supporting Mitt Romney for forced pregnancies and no social safety net for our unwanted children.

When we say pro-life, we mean pro-zygote and you should understand why zygotes have more value than a living, breathing child let alone a fully grown woman.

Some call it a war on women, but we know it’s really just a war on our hearts, minds and bodies. If we just turn over control of the uterus and all of our rights, everything will be okay. Some dude in Kentucky knows what’s best for us.


Sponsor a uterus for the “freedom and faith”, which always come before civil rights. If we don’t save women from themselves now, imagine what will happen in the future!

Credits for the video:

Directed by: Bobby Richards, Written by: Kate Lambert
Produced by: Kate Lambert
Shot and Edited by: Bobby Richards

Christy Bonstell
Todd W. Edwards
Lindsay Goldapp
Kate Lambert
Muriel Montgomery
Carly Olson
Cecily Strong
Mary Cait Walthall
Julia Weiss

Graphic Design: Ben Cannon
Additional Graphic Design: Neil Arsenty
Sponsor a Uterus Website Design: Chad Jewsbury
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The Second City

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