Colin Powell Stomps a Mud Hole In Sean Hannity and Walks it Dry

May 23 2012 Published by under Featured News

Bad things happened to Sean Hannity when he tried to spew his anti-Obama Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers nonsense and the buzz saw of reality known as Colin Powell.

Here is the video from Fox News:

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In case you can’t stand watching Fox News, here’s the transcript:

HANNITY: That’s when you made the endorsement. You said because of the inclusive nature of his campaign, reaching out across America. The president himself has now said the Republican plan for this country is for dirty air and dirty water. You are still a Republican, right? That Republicans want kids with autism and Down’s syndrome, the elderly to fend for themselves. We have the Democratic ads, Paul Ryan look-alikes throwing granny over the cliff. Does that sound inclusive? Seriously, because I find him one of the most divisive figures that I’ve witnessed in politics today.

POWELL: Well, that’s a term that’s being used rather freely. I don’t think it’s that divisive of an issue. I think we have right now, we have dueling points of view strongly held by both sides. And the president is starting to go to the mattresses, just as the Republicans are going to go to the mattresses to try to win the election.

What could have been more divisive than when President Obama was inaugurated for a number of Republicans, friends of mine and a number of commentators to say, we are going to destroy him. We are going to destroy him.

HANNITY: Who said that?

POWELL: A lot of people saying, I can get you a list, but I don’t want to just take it off —

HANNITY: I was one of the harshest critics. I wasn’t out to destroy him.

POWELL: I don’t ever remember you saying it.

HANNITY: Well, I was critical about Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright.

POWELL: I don’t know Bill Ayers from the man in the moon. Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright are just passing things through his life.

HANNITY: Twenty years in his church? Twenty years?

POWELL: Well, so?

HANNITY: Unrepentant terrorist giving speeches, starting your political career in his house, that didn’t impress you at all?

POWELL: At the time it was a guy who is living in Chicago and happened to have a friend by the name of Bill Ayers. But I don’t see Bill Ayers as having that kind of long-standing terrorist influence on the President. I mean, it is ancient history now. Why are we fooling with this?

HANNITY: Well, I don’t think it’s the issue. I think the economy and the president’s record — I couldn’t see you and Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years.

POWELL: I wasn’t in Reverend Wright — I didn’t know anything about Reverend Wright or his church.

HANNITY: I know but that’s my point.

POWELL: This thing explodes and it becomes a big — everybody tries to make it the defining issue of the 2008 campaign. And guess what, the American people heard it, they heard all the attacks, they heard all the things that were said about the Reverend Wright issue, then-Senator Obama gave a speech on it and the American people took it in stride and they elected him president.

HANNITY: Yes, they didn’t listen to me, that’s the power and influence I have.

For a second there, I almost felt bad for poor feeble minded Sean Hannity. He actually thinks that Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright should be at the top of the list of important issues along with the economy. It was odd to see a person of character and intelligence such as Colin Powell, who will probably forever regret his time in the Bush administration, challenge and so easily debunk Hannity’s hysteria.

It was even more surreal to see facts break through the clutter of Hannity’s nightly sycophantic circle jerk. As soon as Hannity started on Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, he didn’t stand a chance with Powell. Gen. Powell reaction of, “well, so” summed up the way most Americans feel about the right’s obsession with Obama and Wright.

What Republicans don’t understand is that voters heard all of this Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright stuff in 2008, and they saw it then for what it was, a baseless personal attack. If voters dismissed this obsessive lunacy in 2008, what makes people like Sean Hannity think it will work in 2012?

Hannity does have power and influence. His nightly empty headed anti-Obama babblings are one of the main reasons why the right is still holding on to the fantasy that if the American people only knew the truth about Obama and Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright, they would throw him out of office in a heartbeat. Voters saw through what the right was trying to do with Ayers and Wright. They rejected it in 2008, and they will reject it again in 2012.

Colin Powell was way out of Hannity’s depth. In the future, the softball tossing Larry King of the right would be best served to stay in his safe zone and stick to guests like Sarah Palin. Hannity got his ass kicked by Powell, as for a shining few moments facts and reality penetrated the Fox News Death Star.

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