Sir Richard Branson Supports Global #Out4Marriage Campaign with Video

May 18 2012 Published by under Featured News

When a globally successful venture capitalist joins President Obama in supporting gay rights, it’s a good sign that the times are changing. Finally.

The founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, has become the most high profile figure so far to film a video for the campaign, which calls for global equal marriage for gay couples. The Virgin Group is a British branded venture capital conglomerate organization and includes such hugely successful businesses as Virgin Music and Virgin Mobile.

The campaign was launched in Britain to support the Prime Minister David Cameron’s promise of introducing gay marriage and President Barack Obama’s personal pledge for the measure.

Watch Sir Richard’s video here:

Sir Richard explained why he filmed an Out4Marriage video, “I’m Richard Branson, the Founder of the Virgin Group. For many years, I’ve been a supporter of gay rights around the world. Back in 1967 when we founded a charity called the Student Advisory Centre, the law was changed to make it legal to be gay in England and Wales. We took many calls from young people in the process of coming out, and we were able to offer some support and guidance. But these people were coming out into a world that still hugely discriminated against them because of the gender of the person they loved.

“Over the years, across the world, gay people have been given more and more rights. But in the UK, much of the US and many other countries, one key right is denied, the right for every couple in love to marry. Getting married myself and giving my daughter Holly away at her wedding last year, are among the proudest days of my life. Everybody should be able to experience those moments if they wish to do so, regardless of their sexuality.

“At Virgin, we treat everybody the same, whether they are straight or whether they are gay, and the law should too. That’s why I’m Out4Marriage, are you?”

Celebrities including girl band The Saturdays have already filmed their Out4Marriage video and a senior British Conservative Cabinet Minister will film their Out4Marriage video next week.

Mike Buonaiuto of the campaign explained the purpose of the Out4Marraige campaign, “Out4Marriage as a campaign has been designed to show that while gay people might make up less than ten percent of the population, giving all couples the right to marry, benefits 100 percent.”

Out4Marriage was launched on the day President Obama gave his personal support to same sex marriage by the leading gay publication Pink News and the Coalition for Equal Marriage with support from the media agency Remarkable and more scores of volunteers from around the world.

Image: Out4Marriage.Org

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