Republicans Will Never Admit that America’s Economic Woes Are Solely Their Fault

May 17 2012 Published by under Featured News

Listening to Republicans speak about the shape of the economy, it must be difficult for average Americans to discern whether they are bewildered by finances or just lying to cover over their malfeasance.  After the Republican’s shenanigans during past three years regarding fiscal matters such as spending cuts, the budget and deficit , there is no doubt the GOP is lying to promote support for their economic ideology of giving most of America’s wealth to the very rich. So far this week, Republicans have made a concerted effort to pin the nation’s slow-growing economy on President Obama, and they have particularly singled out the nation’s deficit as the biggest hindrance to economic growth and job creation even though their policies are singularly responsible for deterring a robust recovery. On Tuesday, Speaker of the House John Boehner signaled that Republicans will revisit the debt ceiling debacle that nearly shut down the government last year and cost America its first credit downgrade in history.

Boehner promised that Republicans would offset any debt limit increase with larger spending cuts, and to make sure the deficit continues growing, reject letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire or increase taxes on the wealthy. If those comments sound familiar, they were exactly what S&P cited as why they downgraded America’s stellar credit rating. As a quick refresher, President Obama asked for $4 trillion in across-the-board cuts to reduce the deficit coupled with increased revenue, but the Republicans held out for $2 trillion and no increased revenue with all the spending cuts coming from social safety nets and government programs. The Republican plan created no jobs, and besides rejecting increased revenue, would eliminate millions of Americans’ jobs in the public and private sector. It is important to remember that when the Republicans first proposed spending cuts that killed over a million jobs, Boehner said, “so be it.”

Boehner did have some good news for the wealthiest Americans when he announced that Republicans would extend the Bush tax cuts before the November general election in what promises to be another hostage situation, and he called on legislators on both sides of the aisle to reach a long-term deal on spending and tax changes, but promised there would be no additional taxes on the wealthy. The tax changes must be the Ryan and Romney budget plans that raises taxes on the poor and middle class while giving lower tax rates to the wealthy; or as Republicans refer to them, job creators.

The Republicans are not serious about reducing the deficit if they continue stonewalling on increased revenue sources, and as if to belabor the point, there are four different budgets for fiscal 2013 that begins on October 1 of this year and each one serves the same purpose; shrinking the government and giving the wealthy more tax cuts. The Ryan Path to Prosperity (for the rich) privatizes Medicare, cuts social safety net spending drastically, and gives a 10% tax cut to the wealthy while raising taxes on the poor; although Draconian, it is the most liberal of the Republican budgets. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) proposes eliminating Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy, cutting the National Park Service by 30% and NASA by 25%, and totally eliminate Medicare in 2014. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) proposes cutting government in half, end payroll taxes, and cut  investment taxes by 10%. All of the Republican budgets will eliminate millions of jobs that besides sending the unemployment rate skyrocketing, will increase the deficit because of lost revenue from taxes coupled with more tax cuts for the rich.

Republicans are not serious about cutting the deficit any more than they are serious about creating jobs. There is not one Republican who can cite how reducing the nation’s debt will create one job, but they have done their best to fool Americans into believing that deficit reduction and more tax cuts for the wealthy will create full employment; it is stunning in its foolishness. If cutting spending created jobs, then every American who is not filthy rich would be employed and the jobs issue would be moot. Every family in America has had to cut expenses just to survive because of declining wages and higher prices, and yet unemployment has hovered around 8%.

What Republicans will never admit is that America’s economic woes are solely their fault and especially the deficit they created with unfunded wars, tax cuts, and a Medicare prescription plan. Willard Romney weighed in on the deficit and claimed he “will lead us out of this debt and spending inferno. I will bring us together to put out the fire.” It is another lie from the king of liars. Romney’s tax and spending plan will increase the budget with lower tax rates for the top 1/10th of 1%, and expand military spending as well as “broaden the tax base” which is code for increasing taxes on the poor and middle class. Romney also said he would cut domestic programs by 10% and transfer some government functions to the private sector, and “streamline everything that’s left.” Romney’s deficit talk was short on specifics, but based on his sketchy economic plan and endorsement of the Ryan Path to Prosperity budget, he will certainly increase the deficit with his proposed $10.7 trillion tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

Republicans should just be honest with Americans and admit that their goal is an America of uneducated peasants subservient to the wealthy who will own and operate what is left of the government. President Obama gave them the deficit reduction they clamored for last year, and they rejected it to keep the wealthy happy and eliminate more Americans’ jobs. It is growing tiresome to hear them blame the economic malaise on President Obama, and specifically Willard Romney’s contention that President Obama has made the economy worse than when he came into office. Romney could not even acknowledge that convicted war criminal George W. Bush and Republicans caused the world’s economic recession or increased the deficit that will continue costing America for at least a decade regardless of austerity measures and privatizing what is left of the government.

There are three reasons President Obama inherited a devastated economy and they are precisely what Republicans and Willard Romney want to return to. Their propensity for unfunded wars, deregulation, and perpetual unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy created the world’s economic disaster and they cannot wait to drive America into bankruptcy so the ultra-wealthy and their corporations can step in and privatize what is left of the government. They cannot deny it and the proof is in their plans for America if they ever take control of the House, Senate, and White House. It is disheartening that many Americans are stupid enough to fall for the Republicans’ deficit talk this week, and sickening that they will support Republicans when they hold the nation hostage again as Boehner threatened to do when the debt ceiling needs to increase. America will never be conquered by a foreign enemy, but at the rate Republicans are going, this nation will fall victim to homegrown enemies of the state who have as their symbol an elephant bought and paid for by corporate money, and stupid voters who still think giving the rich America’s wealth is the Path to Prosperity.


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