Obama Campaign Pushes Back Against Mitt Romney’s Bigotry

May 10 2012 Published by under Featured News

Wow. This is just so easy.

The day after President Obama made history by becoming the first sitting president to openly support marriage equality, Mitt Romney has been outed as a vicious, bullying homophobe and the Obama campaign came out swinging against Mitt’s bigotry.

The new Obama campaign video pointing out that Mitt Romney is to the right of George W Bush on the issue of gay marriage is the cherry on top of a very bad day for Mitt.

The Obama campaign has come out with a video rebuttal to Romney’s stance on gay marriage, entitled “On marriage equality, Romney would take America backwards.” In it, they point out that Mitt Romney is to the right of George W Bush, who supported civil unions unlike Mitt Romney.

The Obama campaign points out that Mitt Romney wants to make history of his own by amending the Constitution to roll back—rather than expand—equal rights for Americans. Romney pledged to overtly work to roll back the United States Constitution to make our national Constitution anti-gay marriage.

Such an amendment would be the FIRST amendment in history to discriminate and deny rights. This is a rather salient point that all Americans should be paying attention to, for we do not give and take away Constitutional rights via the tyranny of the majority (per North Carolina), nor do we limit and/or take away Constitutional rights via amendments.

We certainly shouldn’t allow personal bias and/or faith to impact the rights of others, for this is a dangerous precedent that opens the door for the Trojan horse. If you vote to take away Billy and Bob’s rights today, that means Billy and Bob can vote away your rights tomorrow.

Maybe Billy and Bob and all of their friends are going to get fed up with self-proclaimed conservative “Christians” legislating their warped morality onto all Americans, sort of like these same “Christians” claim Muslims are doing. Maybe Billy, Bob and their friends are going to propose an amendment to ban these “Christians” from marrying, because they are destroying the sanctity of marriage (see Newt, Vitter, Sanford, et al) with their blatant disregard for their vows.

Or maybe these “Christians” are going to come after inter-racial marriage next, and fight for school segregation. Now imagine this on the federal level, with a President who has decided that his personal beliefs trump the liberty of other citizens. Romney thinks he is entitled to diminish, at a federal level, the rights of citizens.

Wherever this is going, it’s not forward. We are a representative democracy precisely to avoid rule by mob and we are a country that stands for individual liberty and freedom. We do not use amendments to the federal Constitution to specifically deny rights to citizens. This entire notion is flawed, it’s abhorrent, and it does not belong in adult debate.

Let us remember that the question is not how does Mitt Romney feel about gay marriage, or even how do we feel about gay marriage, but what does America stand for and do we, as citizens, want to sanction the denial of rights on a federal level to any citizen?

But even if the majority of Americans never realize just how un-American this is, most will get the simple idea that Mitt Romney wants to take this country back. The Obama campaign doesn’t even have to break a sweat for this stuff, because Mitt Romney allowed his party to move him to the Right of crazy by aligning himself with the most extreme factions of the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney is Paul Ryan’s cruel, out of touch budget meeting Sarah Palin’s arrogant allergy to the truth, topped off by Scott Walker’s King complex. Now he wants to use the Constitution to do what he didn’t manage to finish in prep school.

Thanks, but no thanks, Mitt.

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