Kate Beckinsale Talks about Republicans in Her Vagina

May 10 2012 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Sometimes it’s a choice between laughing or crying. The Republican War on Women is not funny, but mockery can be a good balm for the soul. In the funniest thing since Susan Sarandon’s White Man’s Dick, Republicans, Get in My Vagina, “Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage “spread” the message that the one thing women really want in their vagina is the government”:

Republicans, Get In My Vagina! from Kate Beckinsale

Sadly, the quote used in the piece is accurate: “The traumatic experience of rape causes a woman to secrete a certain secretion that tends to kill sperm.” – State Rep. Stephen Freind R – Pennsylvania. Freind attended Villanova University an received his J.D. from Temple University. Is it any wonder that the Republican base is so ill-informed when their politicians, men with advanced degrees, can be so ignorant or dishonest?

Only in totalitarian systems, apparently, are sheeple so willingly led by their shepherds. The Republican War on Women is real and it is going strong, and unless they want Republicans in their vaginas America’s women will have to stand up and say no this November. Otherwise, America will not only slide out of the 21st century, but past the conservative 1950s, past the Gilded Age and continue its slide back to the 13th century and beyond.

The ignorance of men like Rep. Freind is mind-boggling but hardly out of character for the “modern” conservative male and after seeing that quote it was several minutes before I could speak again. Since I can’t say this as well as Miss Ally Kat, I will leave her to make my closing argument:

Seriously? Our vagina magically becomes venomous when there’s an unwanted man sausage in there? What if someone slipped something in our drink and we weren’t even conscious when it happened?…Not only should people like this NOT be allowed to decide things for others…people like this should just be put on a remote island together and given some weapons while we sit back with some popcorn and wait for the inevitable.

Okay, I do have one thing to add…a fantasy of Ms. Beckinsale turning into her Underworld persona, the vampire Selene, and whupping Freind’s sorry a**. I’m not sayin’…I’m just sayin’.

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