Rush Limbaugh Has Destroyed More Marriages than Obama’s Gay Marriage Support

May 09 2012 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh claims that Obama is at war with traditional marriages, but he personally has destroyed more marriages than the president’s support of same sex marriage.

Here is the audio of Limbaugh getting all riled up over same sex marriage via Media Matters:

RUSH: But, remember, we’re minding our own business ten years ago or whatever it was. Marriage is a word. It has a specific meaning. Then all of a sudden some people came along and said, “We want to change definition.” No you don’t want to change the definition. You want to corrupt the institution is what you want to do. “How dare you say that! We don’t want in on the institution.” Well, then, marry a woman, or marry a man. That’s what marriage is.

Words mean things, or they used to.

So now we have to stand up and defend all these institutions. We have the president of the United States waging war, leading war on traditional marriage now. There’s no other way to look at this. There’s no other way to characterize it. “Baraka” Obama is leading a war on gay marriage, just like he’s leading the war on the Catholic Church, and the war on stay-at-home moms. So when Obama flip-flops, it’s called “evolving.” When Romney evolves, it’s called “flip-flopping.”

Let’s do a quick little head count shall we?

Number of traditional marriages destroyed personally by Rush Limbaugh: 3

Number of traditional marriages destroyed by Barack Obama’s support of same sex marriage: 0

Rush Limbaugh has been married four times. Three of these marriages have ended in divorce. His first wife left him on grounds of incompatibility in 1980. His second wife left him in 1990. His third wife is the most interesting traditional marriage of all as she and Limbaugh lived in separate houses on adjoining lots and were rarely seen in public together during their decade long union. (You can’t get more traditional than one man, one woman, and separate houses, I guess).

By the numbers, an unmarried Rush Limbaugh roaming the streets on the prowl is a greater threat to traditional marriage than Barack Obama’s support of same sex marriages ever could be. Limbaugh has a long and glorious track record of destroying marriages that few Republican men not named Newt Gingrich can touch.

Yet, Limbaugh claims that he is going to stand up for the traditional institution of marriage?

(Stop laughing. He’s serious).

Republicans are going there, and the right really, really, really wants to have this fight. The right really wanted to fight over birth control, and that got Obama a double digit lead with women. The right really wanted to fight about Obama’s rally attendance, even though their nominee can’t draw a crowd, and now the right wants to fight about same sex marriage, even though more Americans support it than oppose it. Have at it, boys.

It is PoliticusUSA’s contention that Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to traditional marriage than Barack Obama’s support for gay marriage ever could be, but in order to test our theory, we need your help.

In the unlikely event that Barack Obama has personally destroyed your traditional marriage in the hours since endorsing same sex marriage, please tweet us @politicususa, leave a comment for us, or use the contact form to tell us your story.

More realistically, if being forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh or having a spouse who listened to Limbaugh destroyed your traditional marriage, please email, comment, or tweet us using the hashtag #rushdestroyedmymarriage, so that we can expose to the world the threat to traditional marriage that is Rush Limbaugh.

(We’ll share your best responses in a future article, so open your hearts, release your burden, and tell us how Rush Limbaugh destroyed your traditional marriage).

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