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May 05 2012 Published by under Featured News

Conservatives are taking ideological purity to a whole new level: ideologically segregated email accounts.  Really, I’m not kidding. points out in their latest email:

“As you know companies like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and many others offer free email. Well, it is time for a Conservative company to offer the same! (Their bold, I swear!)

Now have a Conservative alternative to free email:

“You will be proud to have your name associated with the greatest President Ronald Reagan.”

Now how can a good conservative turn down an opportunity to have their name associated with Ronald Reagan and the added assurance that their email account is provided by a Conservative Company.

Of course, we will not tell them that Ronald Reagan would never pass today’s ideological purity test.  They don’t need to know that deficit spending soared under Reagan.  We won’t tell them about Reagan’s role as Governor of California in developing Medical. If they find out that Reagan was a Union leader, it could be a bit embarrassing for a Conservative to be associated with Ronald Reagan’s name.

My goodness can you imagine the scandal if they find out that Reagan supported the A word for Immigrants?

Then there’s Reagan’s shocking stance in opposition to discrimination based on sexual orientation.  How could anyone who believes you can pray the gay away and if that doesn’t work you can always screw them straight possibly want to be associated with Ronald Reagan’s name.

Imagine the scandal of having your name associated with Ronald Reagan, the man who supported the Brady bill?

Disclosure of any one of these scandalous truths would be enough to send today’s conservatives screaming for a “real” Conservative email service.

At the same time, a segregated email service may very well appeal to today’s Conservatives.  It’s a nice compliment to conservapedia, and ideologically pure search engines.  Then there are the benefits.  A conservative email company can assure their data will only be sold to conservatives.  Maybe will restrict datamining to conservatives as well.  Then there’s that added benefit that won’t release racist emails to the public.  Of course, since we are talking about, the homophobic chain letters might be a different matter.



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