Romney To Troll For Attention at Obama Campaign Events

May 04 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Mitt Romney campaign event in Michigan

The Romney campaign has decided their best hope of being noticed is to crash Obama campaign events and hope to cause a disruption.

Yes, this brilliant strategy of ride the coat tails of the popular guy is being called “rush the quarterback” because even the Romney campaign knows that Obama is the QB and Romney is just sitting on the bench thinking about how he coulda been a contender.

Yahoo reports:

At Ohio State University in Columbus, where Obama is set to speak around 1:25 p.m. ET on Saturday, Romney aides are planning to circle the candidate’s campaign bus. The campaign will also set up a phone banking operation staffed by Romney supporters and volunteers in a parking lot near the rally site at Ohio State.

The campaign is also planning to dispatch staff and local surrogates to Obama’s rally at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, where the president is expected to speak at 4:35 p.m. ET.

After both events, Romney supporters will deliver a “response” to the president’s remarks.

The Romney campaign says they will continue to “bracket” Obama events by publishing op-eds and holding press conferences with ultra-sound pushers like Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell of “Confederate History Month”, because nothing says big tent and popular like hanging out with the extremists of your own party.

Poor Bob has seen his approval ratings dip five points in a March Quinnipiac poll after his state was pushing medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds for women. Finally the Governor relented and permitted us women to only be subjected to an unnecessary abdominal ultrasound. So small government of him! Course Bob is angling for that Veep job, and women of America are holding their breath to see just what kind of civil liberty lovin’, small government conservative Romney picks to curry favor with the extremists.

If the Romney campaign is banking on this Tea Party Alinsky tactic to work as well on Obama as it did Santorum and Gingrich, they’re going to be sadly mistaken. The President is used to being trolled by loudmouth extremists; he’s been the target of Republicans for three years now and counting. The Romney campaign can thank big daddy Koch Brothers for giving Obama all of the practice in the world dealing with the disrupt and hijack tactics of the Right.

We can’t blame Romney for doing what he has to do as a disliked and untrusted candidate. We recall the empty stadium he played to in Michigan (see above), wherein the press made up the majority of the audience.

When no one is excited about you and you can’t generate a crowd on your own, there’s nothing to lose by making a nuisance of yourself and screaming as loudly as you can at your opponent’s hugely attended rallies. Sure, he’s going to be the killer of joy, chasing after Obama’s glory in hopes of bringing the country down a peg or two, but what else is new. Misery loves company, and Mitt Romney’s campaign is one miserable operation.

Better hope no one else in the campaign has a dirty little secret that will force Willard to show just how far he’s willing to bend over for the Tea Party nuts, after all, the Tea Party caucus is hugely unpopular with Americans and if the public gets the idea that Mitt Romney is just going to be more of that craziness, they will leave him and his Alinsky tactics of radicals faster than Mitt Romney can change positions.

Neanderthal tactics up against pure brilliance? I’m going with brilliance. Can you say backfire?

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