President Obama Burns Sarah Palin and the GOP With Pit Bull Joke

Apr 28 2012 Published by under Featured News

President Obama following up 2011’s rousing beat down of Donald Trump with a laugh filled set full of self deprecation, Mitt Romney jokes and a sharp jab at Congress during his remarks at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.

The president made fun of how much the office has aged him showing a picture of himself in another four years, and it was Morgan Freeman. He took a jab at the Congress by saying that it was nice of them to take a break from their exhausting schedule of not passing legislation. He later had a joke about the House Republicans’ all male hearing on contraception.

Video: Obama takes on Romney:

Interestingly, one of his most pointed jokes was aimed at the Huffington Post. He congratulated them on their Pulitzer Prize for linking to the best hard hitting journalism out there. He also said that they have a great business model because they don’t pay their writers.

Obama delivered the laughs early on and didn’t shy away from any subject including his eating of dog as a child. Obama asked what’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull tastes delicious. Obama later brought up the Romney/Seamus story in the form of a mock super PAC ad attacking Obama for a spreading a European style dog socialism. The ad also claimed that our dogs can’t handle more years of Obama dog socialism, and closed with a picture of Mitt Romney’s dog tied to the roof of Air Force One.

Obama’s pit bull joke:

President Obama offered up a preview of what the conspiracy theorists claim as his secret agenda. Obama promised to win the war on Christmas. He said his second term would replace DADT with a policy of It’s Raining Men. Obama said he passed healthcare reform in his first term, and he guessed that he would pass it again in his second term.

The president’s humor tonight was a pleasant mix of light self depreciating humor about himself, and some seriously solid jabs at the right wing hate machine that has a tendency to blow anything Obama related completely out of proportion. The one thing that was clear from listening to the president tonight is that he is over the shock of the way that he was treated by his opponents from the moment he was sworn into office. President Obama gives as good as he gets.

The eating dog humor was a little bit of a risk, but Republicans appear to be serious about making a big deal out of the fact that as a child Barack Obama ate dog meat. What better way to defuse this “issue” that Republicans think they swift boat him with than by treating it like the joke that it is? The White House has learned not to wait to let these attacks take hold. They are now in a more pro-active position, and it is refreshing to see them treat the far right’s ridiculous criticism like the joke that it is.

This was definitely not as controversial as George W. Bush’s skit where he looked for WMDs. However, beneath Obama’s light humor, we got a glimpse of the steel backbone of this president. The message in tonight’s comedy for Republicans was that if they thought that they were going to be able to roll over Barack Obama and take back the White House, they’ve got another thing coming.

President Obama is here, and he is ready for the fight. Even during a night of comedy for charity, Obama showed what he is made of, and this president isn’t going to back down from the 2012 election challenge.

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