When Issuing Imprecatory Death Prayers, Does Spelling Count?

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It seems that I cannot say this often enough – I am not anti-religion nor anti-Christian, but I am completely and totally anti-extremism. One of the latest hatemails that we received at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation illustrates the type of person I am referring to when I talk about political Christians aka members of the bible-based cult of Christian Dominionism.

These homegrown extremists have been indoctrinated by this cult to believe a plethora of falsehoods ranging from claiming America was founded as an exclusively Christian Nation to the notion that the “right kind of Christian” is one that is Born Again and follows a specific set of rules laid out not by God, but by their leaders. These people seek to dominate American culture by extinguishing secular humanism and replacing it with a theocracy. Evidence of this abounds, especially in this 2012 election year as we are hearing the ever-increasing bravado of political Christians through their candidates for elected office and the horrific collection of bills being introduced and passed that target women and minorities – from health care to voter ID laws.

Prayer Warfare Dove

The result of these type of pure vitriolic religiously-based lies is that it produces very disturbed followers of a scripture-twisted religion whose mental states justify writing garbage like the following while claiming they are good Christian “Belles” GCBs…(ahem). This gaggle of self-proclaimed patriotic Christian women are the antithesis of the teachings of Jesus Christ, but they sadly represent a growing majority of Americans who now make up the ReBiblican Party voting bloc.

Of the many, many wrong teachings fed to these self-proclaimed devoted followers of the man named Jesus Christ – The Prince of Peace –  is the right to conjure curses through what are called imprecatory prayers”. They cite their authority to pray for harm to befall a person or persons by saying incantations using Psalm 109:8 from the bible. They actively practice this and what is known as Spiritual Prayer Warfare with great regularity.

And when I say “they”, do not be lulled into a false sense of comfort that these are just a small band of wayward Christian doves that flew off their route and are unknown and undetected. Oh no, we have some very well-known public figures who have proudly called upon the black magic of Prayer Warfare in our midst in past years such as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee and more.

“Prayer warriors may pray for individuals, or for entire states or regions. One recent development has been prayer undertaken by groups of people flying over the areas for which they wish to undertake intercession.

During the Iraq War, one aspect of the debate over U.S. involvement was a “prayer battle,” with one side praying in support of the policies of the Bush Administration and the other taking an anti-war stance. Alabama Governor Bob Riley urged his constituents to act as prayer warriors, and Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue designated a three-day prayer weekend that he cast as a spiritual battle. Although most “prayer warriors for peace” were identified as Christians, Muslims in the U.S. and Indonesia were also said to have taken part.

Sarah Palin, the Vice-Presidential candidate for the Republican Party in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections, regularly acknowledges the support of prayer warriors in her speeches and interviews, and has spoken of them as offering a “prayer shield.” As a candidate, she thanked prayer warriors for their support and spoke of divine intervention in the election as a result.”  ~ Wikipedia

So here is the death prayer aimed at bringing an “incurable breast cancer” diagnosis to all of us women associated with the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.  (Please note: All spelling and punctuation left exactly as they wrote it).

Crowd shot from The Response

“Mickey Wienstien, we called you on the weekend to advice you that our womens prayer circle at our church will be ending your wickedness against Christ Jesus and his anointed of the USA in our military. In America which is Jesus’ country we can pray all we want for anything we want. you hung up on us and were rude to our leader. but will that stop us or Christ Jesus? No it will not and never could have, wicked Mickey.

Our prayer circle has never failed to acheive our hosts granting of the scripture we pray. for direct intervention against you as you are a true demon to America. Luke 9:1 We will not stop our prayers until you stop the evil you do with Lucifer on a daly basis. Luke 9:1 But not against you Mickey. We know by your internet site and your book who it is to be.

Now for our prayer, we pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe cured. We pray this for Leah Bruton, and Becki Miller, Patricia Corigan, Chris Rodda, Edie Disler, Vicky Garrison, Kristin Leslie, Melinda Moeton and Joan Slish. And you evil clan too, we pray this for Bonnie Wiensten and Amanda and Amber Wienstein and the woman lawyers Cariline Mitchel and Katherin Ritchy and all women of all who work at with for Military Freedom Against Religon Foundation. know that we pray and pray hard all the days until you stop your destruction of our American army and accept Christ Jesus as Lord and join His army.

Nice…soooo Christian. This isn’t the first time that I have been prayed over by Prayer Warriors. When I was writing about Sarah Palin with regularity after she became the 2008 GOP VP nominee I was very popular with groups like “Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin.org.” I think it is beyond safe to assume that this represents why Gandhi was inspired to state, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” 

My only saving grace – given that my last name is Burton and not “Bruton” – might be due in large part to the illiteracy of the proud author(s).  So it begs the question: When issuing death “fatwas”, does spelling count? If so – several of us are safe. The way I see it these people are more pathetic than dangerous and as long as they stay distracted from doing real harm by praying for our deaths, they don’t have time to be anything more than just pathetically sad.  We get enough threats that are of legitimate concern.

There is a debate over who is or is not a “real” Christian and I just wrote about this today on God’s Own Party? I submit that these GCBs fall short of what Christ had in mind when he wrote the definition. About the Author ~ Leah L. Burton


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