Republicans Get Slapped Down Trying to Limit Access to Birth Control

Apr 25 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

New Hampshire Republicans working with the Catholic Church figured they could take away a few more rights from women and no one would care. But it turns out that in New Hampshire, they still have a few old school Republicans left – you know the type, the fiscal conservatives who aren’t crazy.

Well, those old school Republicans joined up with the other sane people and bitch slapped the crazy Republicans (and yes, I think bitch slapped is more than appropriate here, and I hope it stings).

The Concord Monitor

Republican legislation that would make access to birth control more difficult for women across the state got quite a cold reception from a Senate committee not exactly made up of liberal lions. Republican Sen. David Boutin of Hooksett summed it up like this: “It’s a policy that is not well put together.” Besides, he said, it has nothing to do with jobs and the economy, the platform that Republicans are trying to stick to.

The proposal, championed by the speaker (Republican House Speaker Bill O’Brien), would undo a 12-year-old state law that requires health insurance policies to cover birth control prescriptions if they cover other prescriptions. The law is similar to those in many other states. It was enacted here with bipartisan support and, until now, has never been the subject of controversy. After all, it simply puts birth control on par with other commonsense health measures.

Birth control is on par with other HEALTH measures.

The war on women as exemplified in legislative attempts across the country has had a few unforeseen results; women are waking up and banding together. For example, the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, DC had their biggest conference ever this year.

I’d like to imagine young women becoming actively engaged in politics so that years later, Republicans rue the day they thought they could take our rights away with little downside.

Another unforeseen benefit is Rush Limbaugh’s plight post Sandra Fluke attacks. Who knew it would take a woman to bring down the titular head of the Republican Party. Oh, karma.

Can you hear us now, Republicans?

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