Champion the Vote Champions Faith-Based Bigotry

Apr 24 2012 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

While doing their best to disenfranchise Democratic voters (including entire cities), the Republicans are pulling out all stops to get out the conservative Christian vote. President and CEO of Champion the Vote, Bill Dallas, appeared on “WallBuilders Live” and ranted about the culture war he and his friends are waging against American democracy and the Constitution.

Champion the Vote is doing what fundamentalists have been doing since 1964 and trying to get conservatives Christians to vote (they’re hoping to find five million unregistered conservative Christians) so they can impose their “Biblical” worldview in 2012 and replace our Constitution with their mish-mash of pseudo-Christian belief. For more on their efforts please visit Right Wing Watch, which is keeping a close eye on these anti-American thugs.

This is what Dallas had to say:

My little six year old comes running up to me – she goes to a Christian school, first grade, she goes to church and we keep a very tight protection on her, we watch what friends she plays with outside of school, so we keep pretty tight reins on what she’s being taught. But she comes running up to me and she goes “Daddy, can a girl marry another girl.” She asked me that last night, Rick.

Can a girl marry another girl and immediately I look over at my niece and I realize they must have been talking, my nine year old niece must have said “did you know that girls can marry other girls.” Well, my six year old doesn’t know that, it’s not what she’s taught at school. So what is my response, Rick? She’s asking can a girl marry another girl. The technical answer is yes! But I can’t say that to her because it would confuse her, so I immediately switch the conversation and I say “God does not want girls to marry other girls, God does not want boys to marry other boys.” I kind of re-directed the answer but then I have to stop and explain and we talked to our niece.

But the real answer is, in reality yes they can. And so what is happening is that the salt and light culture that we’re supposed to be as Christians is slowly being deteriorated and so these types of conversations are happening more and more because this is what the culture is.

So how do you stop it? Well, we can get angry and we can try to bash the other side, but do people realize that we have the numbers? If we would just stand up and be righteousness, then what would happen is those conversations wouldn’t happen because the laws would then reflect us.

How I would love to not have to explain to my little boy about fundamentalist bigots like Dallas! I’d just as soon these people didn’t exist to attack our democracy and our Constitution but they do and so we have to continually deal with them. I spend an inordinate amount of time writing about them, exposing their lies, overturning their arguments. In some ways, my life has come to revolve around them.

I would prefer the company of cockroaches. At least they are honestly and genuinely themselves.

First off, you can’t have a “Biblical” worldview. You can have an Old Testament worldview (meaning you’re a Jew) or you can have a New Testament worldview (meaning you’re a Christian). You can’t even have a Judeo-Christian worldview because it’s a nonsense term; one contradicts the other. Dallas might know that if he had bothered to read both books.

As Right Wing Watch points out, “Biblical Worldview” is code word for “the standard Religious Right agenda of prompting religion while opposing abortion and gay marriage.” In other words, it’s misogyny and bigotry.

Moving on, and speaking of books, I am beginning to think what we need is a series of books directed at children explaining to them how this movement works, what it is about, and why they want to beat everyone over the head with a Bible they haven’t bothered to read in the first place and don’t obey themselves in the second. Kids have a right to know about people who want to steal their birthright as Americans, after all, and forewarned is forearmed. Don’t do your kids a disservice and hide it from them. Trust me. And they’ll forget all about closet monsters and under-the-bed monsters when they hear about the real monsters who want to get into their homes and rooms and destroy their families.

Our children need to be prepared for these people. I’m a Heathen. I’ve explained to my little boy about Christianity and the White Christ and how their god is not our god and churches are not for us. He knows and understands the basics. But how do you explain a movement that has corrupted Christianity beyond the point of recognition?

The easiest way for Dallas to deal with this issue is to simply say to his daughter, “yes, you can marry a girl but we don’t believe that’s right.” He has the right to say that. He has the right to not marry somebody of the same sex if he finds it against his belief system. It’s real easy. I have to say things like that to my son every day. Every parent does. Why should Dallas be special?

Oh, that’s right. Dallas is “Christian.” Dallas doesn’t care about religious freedoms. Dallas cares about forcing everybody to think like he does – or to at least do what he says. Dallas is a bigot and he may seem neither bright nor enlightened; that doesn’t mean he isn’t dangerous. He is, as are all of his ilk who are scheming to steal our country and our inheritance, the freedoms that we hold dear and to consign us to a nightmare shroud of his dark theocratic fantasies.

As they say in the Bible, gird your loins. Hell, gird each other’s loins (that’ll really drive Dallas crazy). And let’s give these anti-American bigots a voting beat down on Election Day.


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