Romney’s Friendship with Netnayahu Threatens Iraq Redux in Iran

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Michael Barbaro of the The NY Times wrote about Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney’s longstanding friendship with Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu last week, yet this important information received virtually no mention in the mainstream media. Am I surprised? Not really…it is an issue that isn’t as appealing to the producers of our profit-focused infotainment sources. They would rather repeat ad nauseam the Ted Nugent quotes, or President Obama’s comment about not being born with a silver spoon, or Mitt’s undying defensiveness over his and his family’s wealth, or what the latest up-to-the-minute polls are saying now (that won’t have meaning the next day).

No, this subject is about a very dangerous story of Mitt palling around with Bibi. Apparently that story is not sexy enough to report on, after all, it is merely about conflict and real life positions that involve war, nuclear weapons and an adherence to biblical prophecy. Yes, bible prophecy…remember President George Bush’s letter to then French President Chirac about Gog and Magog? This is part of the very same volatile puzzle that puts the global community at risk – and we aren’t even paying attention. Andrew Brown of the Guardian wrote this…only a few short years ago when then President George Bush, Jr. appealed to French President Chirac that going to war in Iraq was biblically mandated and necessary according to biblical prophecy.

‘Chirac recounts that the American leader appealed to their “common faith” (Christianity) and told him: “Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East…. The biblical prophecies are being fulfilled…. This confrontation is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins.”

“President Jacques Chirac wanted to know what the hell President Bush had been on about in their last conversation. Bush had then said that when he looked at the Middle East, he saw “Gog and Magog at work” and the biblical prophecies unfolding. But who the hell were Gog and Magog? Neither Chirac nor his office had any idea.

Bush seems to have taken the threat of Gog and Magog to Israel quite literally, and, if this story can be believed, to have launched a war to stop them.”

Is this seeming familiar? It should in the face of heightened tensions and rhetoric about war with Iran. Bush took the threat of Gog and Magog to Israel quite literally, enough to have launched a war to stop them.  I posted an article about the unusually close and dangerous lifetime friendship that exists between Willard Mitt Romney and Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu yesterday on my site that talks about the ongoing flirtation with nuclear war and biblically prophesied disaster that these political Christians relentlessly flirt with.

While American politicians continue their unyielding support of Israel through actions such as the vote, disclosed by two congressional staff members on Friday, to spend an additional $680 million in 2015 to strengthen Israel’s short-range rocket shield, a plan crafted by Republicans from the House of Representatives, the longstanding personal relationship between Willard Mitt Romney and Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu are most definitely called into question.

This developing situation between Israel and Iran, and the political Christian response is sounding far too reminiscent of Bush’s clarion call.  This is a deadly mix and judging from the responses I am getting people who are familiar with the seriousness of this religious belief are weighing in that this scares the hell of them. This morning I read the following comment left by an ex-Mormon and it describes the scenario and risks perfectly.

“I find this all frightening, too. Christian prophecy (Jesus returning) cannot be fulfilled until Jewish prophecy (rebuilding and subsequent destruction of the Temple of Solomon) is fulfilled first. That is why all Christian sects are so supportive of Israel. And while the more moderate factions of Judaism and Christianity are willing to wait for their respective god to fulfill his own prophecy in his own time, the extreme factions of both religions are determined to force it into being. They think that if they can manipulate earthly conditions to align with prophecy, their savior will just *have* to appear. There have been serious efforts for decades now to breed a perfect red heifer (seriously) – a necessary element in all of this. God is strange.

Everything for both religions depends on this temple thing. First they have to destroy the Dome of the Rock then rebuild the Temple of Solomon, then it has to be destroyed, then the final war between good and evil can begin. So what’s holding up their glorious plans for the final destruction of mankind? The piece of real estate upon which god demands this temple be built is currently occupied by the third most sacred shrine in Islam, The Dome of the Rock (Al Aqsa mosque) built in 631 A.D. How many years will all of this take? They are running out of time. Religious fundies have been promising the second coming to their respective flocks for generations and people are getting impatient. Especially all those responsible for orchestrating all of this who might not live long enough to see the end product. (Like Reagan, Falwell and others who stated that they would see this prophecy come true in their lifetimes).

Israel is desperately looking to provoke any kind of hostility that could be used as a ruse for the destruction of the Dome on the Rock and get all this prophecy stuff underway. Israel has no idea what they are doing. They think it’s just about Iran, and they feel pretty sure they can take Iran. They will hide behind the United States and get what they want. What their hubris prevents them from seeing is that when they destroy that sacred shrine (and they will) they desecrate the third most holy place of not only Iran, but 1.5 million Muslims worldwide. And then Israel will get that war they have been wanting for so long.

And while Islam forbids the use of nuclear weapons, Judaism has no prohibition. Israel has tons of them waiting to go and Netenyahu is just itching to use them. Then after he has rained more death and destruction upon the earth, he will wonder why everyone hates Israel and lament about the constant persecution of God’s Chosen Ones. Will they never be free of this eternal anti-semitism?

And Mitt Romney embraces and bows to all of this. Yes, I totally agree. We should all be very afraid.


I didn’t need to change a word. This is precisely what is building in the background under the noise of protecting Israel under the guise that it is only because they are our friend. Most people in America are challenged to understand our own politics here at home let alone international politics and what that all means. Very little attention is given to Middle East news by the general populace. We hear it and tune it out. The feeling is that all that stuff is “over there”.

We fail to appreciate that a conflict between Israel and Iran would wreak disastrous havoc. These political Christians, these Dominionists like Romney, Netanyahu and others devoutly believe that they are “chosen” so they are staring fate in the eye and posturing an attitude of “bring it on”! Where these bible-based believers will or will not end up after death is unknown, but must the rest of us be drug into extinction along with them? We must stand up and stop this insanity in the name of God before the Dome is attacked and obliterated which will – without question – ignite a long sought after global Holy War between Islam and Christendom by the bible-based cult followers of Dominionism. And for the rest of us, there will be no place to escape to.

I know this is a doomsday topic, but left unchecked they are free to continue forwarding their religious agendas through political power and military might. About the Author ~ Leah L. Burton

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