Sarah Palin Mounts Her Stripper Pole and Shakes It for Big Oil

Apr 14 2012 Published by under Featured News

Like any desperate has been who is seeing it all fade away, Sarah Palin hit a new low by shaking her 2008 moneymaker in an infomercial for Big Oil.

Here is the full special (audio is poor):

Just in case you were wondering if Sarah Palin could sink any lower than being forced to go hang out at the mall next to the Republican convention instead of being at the convention, there’s this. In one of the most obvious, we just have to justify paying this person moves in cable news history, Fox News paired up Sarah Palin and Eric Bolling to host an informerical for the oil industry called Paying At the Pump.

There really is no need for a recap of Palin’s remarks during the special, because she said the exact same things that she has been saying for almost four years now. Blame Obama, bitter attack on Obama, drill baby drill, energy independence, rinse wash, and repeat.

What made this informercial stand out was that Fox didn’t even try to pretend that this was a news special. The network got Glenn Beck’s studio audience stuff out of mothballs, loaded up their panel of experts with people from Big Oil, had Palin and Bolling say lots of nasty things about President Obama, then threw in some drill baby drill, and closed with Eric Bolling claiming that our energy problems would be solved if energy speculators would be allowed to trade more on margin.

The real kicker is that while she was governor of Alaska, Socialist Sarah Palin signed a major tax increase on the oil industry and then redistributed the wealth back to every Alaskan. Fast forward a few years, and here is Palin today surrounded by shills for Big Oil trying to sell the Friday Night Fox News shut ins on the myth that there is millions and millions of barrels of oil waiting to solve our energy woes if only that mean old Barack Obama would let us get at it.

Sarah Palin could have been selling ab rollers, get rich quick real estate schemes, or George Foreman grills, and the pitch would have been the same. Obama is a socialist, drill baby drill, God, and energy independence. The words are the same as they have always been. The gimmick is old and tired, and the stripper has gone from 2008’s high class call girl to bumping and grinding on the sticky floor hoping to make a buck.

In a few months Sarah Palin’s only claim to fame will be gone when Mitt Romney selects his running mate, and when that running mate accepts the nomination, she won’t even be in the building to see it. Her recent feud with Fox News honcho Roger Ailes has made her grasp on the last thing that keeps her relevant very tenuous.

The news isn’t that Sarah Palin co-hosted a cheesy Big Oil infomercial on Fox News, but that in just a few short months, the bitter taste of Sarah Palin will finally be cleansed from our national palates.

Sarah better keep giving those political lap dances. Time is ticking, and unless she shows some skill at something she won’t even be allowed to shimmy for quarters at the slummiest Fox Business truck stop.

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