According to the Right, You Are Afraid of Ann Romney!

Apr 13 2012 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

I learned today that I am afraid of Ann Romney. That’s what the Republicans are telling me. Honestly, I never gave two thoughts to the woman. I’m more interested in her useless excuse of a husband. If I would have realized I was supposed to be afraid of Ann Romney, I swear I would have tried harder.

But now, looking back, I can’t really find anything to be afraid of. After all, she’s not the one running for office.

Nevertheless, Teri Christoph and Suzanne Haik Terrell are co-chairwomen of ShePAC, a “movement to support, honor and elect conservative women” have written on CNN Election Center that the “left fears Ann Romney.” And apparently, Ann Romney is “every” woman, or so Christoph and Terrell would have us believe.

Maybe I should be afraid after all?

Nah, I know too many women and none of them are like Ann Romney, or, for that matter, like Christoph and Terrell, blatant propagandists that they are. Here’s their claim:

Recently, Romney made headlines when she said, “Women care about jobs. Women care about the economy, they care about their children, they care about their debt. They’re angry, they’re furious about the entitlement debt we’re leaving our children.” She is right.

Meanwhile, Democrats preen on about the phony “war on women” and are increasingly desperate to lure attention away from their disastrous policies. The women we know are smarter than this and realize this is merely a smokescreen meant to distract women voters from the true legacy of the Obama administration: failed economic policies that adversely affect women.

This makes for fascinating reading. You have to wonder what sorts of drugs you have to ingest to get something like this out. Entitlement debt? Never mind that the term “entitlement” is pure BS – we pay for it, thank you. Nobody is giving us anything. Since they can’t seem to understand that simple concept perhaps it’s unreasonable to think they would recognize that the war on women is far from phony, and that the “disastrous policies” they are talking about are Republican policies. It was on the Republican watch, after all, that the economy tanked.

And to actually claim that Obama’s economic policies “adversely affect women” is remarkable.

But while we’re on the subject of not understanding simple concepts, let’s try this one on for size: Christoph and Terrell claim that “Moms know how to make and maintain a budget and are left wondering why it has taken Harry Reid over 1,050 days to pass a budget in the male-dominated, Democrat-led U.S. Senate.”

The only problem with this is that it is the U.S. House that controls the federal purse strings and the U.S. House is controlled by the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party.

So much for the idea that managing a home budget tells you how the government budget is managed.

Unsurprisingly then they manage to come to this absurdist conclusion:

The left’s war on moms exposes their true feelings towards women — that we are the victims, the proverbial damsels in distress waiting for Washington to come riding in atop its white horse named bureaucracy to fix our families, prescribe our medications and send our children the bill.

My true feelings towards women is that they are victims? They are victims – victims of a misogynist worldview driven not only by religion but by political ideology, a worldview that strips women of the right to control their own bodies and puts the government in charge of their vaginas. These aren’t feelings – these are demonstrable facts. I suppose if Christoph and Terrell want to jump up and volunteer their reproductive systems to a Republican-controlled government that’s fine and they needn’t worry – I won’t be worrying about saving them.

There is so much wrong with what these two women say that it would take a book the size of War and Peace to dissect it all. It is nothing more than a collection of the same conservative talking points we’ve been hearing since this election cycle began, unsupported by fact and more a product of wishful thinking than anything else.

And only wishful thinking could create the idea that the so-called political left is afraid of Ann Romney.

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