March Can’t Stop Obama From Trouncing Bush In Job Growth

Apr 06 2012 Published by under Featured News

The month of March was not a great month for jobs numbers, but I want to give you a break down of the non-farm payroll number that were released at 8:30AM on April, 6th.

Manufacturing continued to show strength with 36,000 jobs added in that sector. Factory employment has risen by 470,000 since a recent low point in January 2010.

Healthcare also added jobs, a total of 26,000 more people are working in this sector. Once again, I have to remind everyone about the Republican claim that Obamacare regulations were going to kill jobs, yet this sector which would be first to feel the pinch is hiring like crazy!

Construction employment fell by 7,000, but this could be due to the warm winter. Usually in the spring construction picks up, but because of the warm winter, many projects continued through the winter.

The killer for the jobs numbers was in retail, which was negative 34,000. I know many of the same conservatives who claimed the Obama administration is fudging employment a jobs numbers are the same “cheering” this number. They can’t make up their minds. When the numbers are good, the administration is lying, when the numbers come in low, they claim it is truth.

Bottom line is when comparing jobs numbers in the first terms President Obama beats President Bush by approximately 700,000 jobs.

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