PA Governor Offers The Lamest Defense Ever Of GOP Big Government Fetal Ultrasound

Mar 16 2012 Published by under Featured News

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett (R, what else) defends requiring fetal ultrasounds before a woman can have an abortion because they are not “obtrusive.”

Watch here:

The Governor said, “I’m not making anybody watch, okay. Because you just have to close your eyes. As long as it’s on the exterior and not the interior.”

Wow. They want to legislate unnecessary medical procedures and they can’t even use the proper medical terms to discuss women’s body parts. Just how many fetal ultrasounds would you say Gov. Corbett has had in his lifetime?

Yeah. My point exactly.

What you have here is a “small government” Republican forcing women to undergo an unnecessary medical procedure and incur the costs of an ultrasound in addition to the costs of an abortion (not cheap) all so that the “small government” Republicans can legislate their version of “religious morality” onto unwitting citizens, in defiance of these things we like to call religious freedom and individual liberty.

Not “obtrusive”, eh? Here’s a thought: a synonym for obtrusive is meddlesome. You know what is meddlesome? The entire Republican Party is meddlesome; shoving their laws up women’s “interiors” as if they had any business there.

It’s getting so ridiculous that I can’t even report this stuff anymore. And these are the folks who whined about “Death Panels” sure to come from healthcare reform. The death panels are here, but there not coming from making insurance companies play a little more fair with the American people. They’re coming from the same people who lied about them before. Yes, abortions save women’s lives sometimes, both physically and mentally.

The Republican men are now deciding what is and is not off limits for us women, in terms of our healthcare and our bodies. They also decide if we can use birth control, and the answer is a big fat no. They decide just how free we are allowed to be, which means that we are not free at all. And just who gave them this power? Oh, that’s right. They presumed and assumed it; they assume and presume the right to divine authority over women. They aren’t asking us what we think, because of course, we are not equals to them in their minds. Decisions must be made for the weak minded and morally loose women of America.

How very, very, small government of them.

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