Jon Stewart Slams the Fair and Colicky Crybabies at Fox News

Mar 15 2012 Published by under Featured News

Jon Stewart points out that Fox News pretended like the Republican primary didn’t exist on Tuesday, and instead spent the night bellyaching and crying about the left and President Obama.

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

Here is Stewart taking on CNN’s coverage:

After talking about MSNBC’s rather lighthearted coverage of the primary, Stewart moved on to Fox News, “Yes, last night while the other networks devoted most of their coverage to the primaries, Fox decided to preempt it with standard Tuesday night fare.” We then get clips of Tucker Carlson on Hannity promoting the idea that Obama is a Muslim, John Stossel talking about birth control, Jane Fonda, and Barbara Streisand. Sean Hannity also crying about Game Change being an attack on Sarah Palin, and whining about the show on ABC called GCB.

In other words, Republican primary, what Republican primary?

Stewart came back after the clips and said, “I know it’s probably difficult to understand what Fox was going for, so let me translate for you.” The Daily Show then replaced the images of all the Fox News personalities in the clips with crying babies. The real kicker was the epic fail at CNN. Cable News Network spent the whole night hyping themselves and their ability to be first with the numbers, only to be scooped in Mississippi by the network who rather their viewers all forgot that that this primary is even happening, Fox News.

Fox News has decided that the 2012 GOP primary is so toxic to the Republican cause that the propaganda outlet for party thinks that it would be best for the conservative movement to pretend like it isn’t even happening. Roger Ailes has made the decision to ignore the fact that instead of picking a new leader, Mitt Romney and his band of merry corporate supported, peg legged Super PAC pirates are giddily steering the GOP Titanic straight into the iceberg.

Cry babying is a staple of Fox News’s daily coverage. Whining and crying is how Fox News is able to feed into the conservative media persecution complex while also being the top rated cable news network. Nothing said more about the state of the Republican presidential race than the fact that Fox News would rather spend their primary night spreading lies about Obama and feeding the myth of liberal media bias than actually covering the one thing they should be most excited about.

Fox News’s crybaby coverage demonstrates that the 2012 Republican primary has not just been a disappointment for the right. It’s been a disaster.

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