Former Birther Matt Romney Now Thinks Obama is 'Great'

Mar 14 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney’s son Matt, a former birther, reforms his message in Hawaii when asked if President Obama is a Christian.

Personally, I find reform of this sort charming and a sign of hope much missing from the Republican Party, but this sort of thing is just not said amongst those on the “right’, especially that fringey faction (also known as the base) that caters to birthers like Matt Romney.

Asked whether he thinks Obama is a Christian, former birther Mitt Romney’s son Matt said, “I’m not here to talk about President Obama. I think he is great. I’m here to talk about my dad and what he would bring to the country.”

Before you get the all-American fuzzies, this is the same Matt Romney who late last year questioned Obama’s birth place and announced that his father Mitt would release his tax returns when Obama released his birth certificate. Matt joined in with the conspiracy theorists just last December when he responded that his father would release his tax returns, “But I heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as President Obama releases his grades and birth certificate and sort of a long list of things, that maybe he’d do that.”

Cough. We’re waiting, because Matt promised plural “returns” and the President released both long and short forms of his birth control.

The Romneys can’t seem to stop the gaffes: from “my wife has a coupla Cadillacs” to “I’m going to get rid of Planned Parenthood” to now, the ultimate Republican sin: “Obama is great.”

A Republican must not, may not, must never, ever say anything remotely positive about President Barack Obama. One must insinuate that he is not a Christian, that he is a Muslim, that is a socialist, that he is a Kenyan, that he is anti-Colonial, that he wants to take us back to pre-Civil War times…. But never, ever is a Republican to say anything that implies the President is human and certainly not to suggest he is a decent guy. God forbid you suggest he is a Christian and was born here; that is GOP treason.

Ooopsie, Matt Romney.

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