All American 'Reformed Whores' Explain Birth Control to Rush Limbaugh

Mar 10 2012 Published by under Featured News

The titular head of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, is helping the GOP narrow down that horrid big tent thing Ronald Reagan attempted to fashion in the 80’s with his war on women’s health. Here are two “average American women” with college educations (aka in Republican circles as “snobs”) who have used birth control and are not pleased about being called sluts for it.

Watch here:

The “reformed whores” have a message for Rush Limbaugh in response to his inexcusable comments about a female Georgetown law student and demand that she air herself having sex so he could watch it. Their message to him is gee, we had no idea we were sluts. After all, one woman explains that she was on the pill for health reasons and the other was on the pill so that she and her husband could plan their family — and yes, she has only had sex with one partner — her husband.

Not that it’s anyone’s business.

But there are plenty of Americans who share these women’s point of view, and yet the Republican Party hasn’t said a peep to renounce Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin has actually defended his comments with some rubbish involving conservative’s favorite arguing tactic: the false equivalency.

Birth control is about much more than sex, it’s actually used for women’s health for excessive bleeding, for cysts, for hormonal surges, for painful cramps, and more. Having a body that can give birth is an amazing thing, and something we women like to take good care of whether or not we choose to use it for that purpose.

And it is our choice, and none of your damn business, Rush Limbaugh.

Dirty old man. Dirty old party.

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