Rush Limbaugh Uses Danica Patrick to Insert Himself Into the Contraception Debate

Feb 27 2012 Published by under Featured News

Rush Limbaugh, a.k.a. radio’s morning after pill for your intelligence, used an attack on Danica Patrick to stealthily advance the right’s war on contraception.

NASCAR driver and Roman Catholic Danica Patrick was asked by the Daily Caller what she thought about “the Obama administration’s dictate that religious employers provide health care plans that cover contraceptives.”

Their words, not mine, and naturally inaccurate. Only religious outlets such as hospitals that must provide healthcare must provide contraception per the healthcare law, and thank you Democrats for that one. Again, mandating coverage for preventive health services only applies to a “group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage.”

“I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for Americans,” Danica told the shocked outlet.

Patrick’s answer sent Rush Limbaugh on the attack, sensing an opportunity to insert himself in yet another place he is not wanted, women’s healthcare. (via Media Matters):

Limbaugh said:

Danica Patrick was talking to a reporterette, Michelle Fields. I guess it was Daytona, somewhere there was a NASCAR event, and Danica Patrick said, “I leave it up for the government to make good decisions for Americans.” Now, this was about the recent mandate of the Catholic Church providing contraceptive devices and so forth. Danica Patrick was talking about Obama’s contraception ruling. She was not speaking in general, although it applies generally. She said, “I leave it up to the government to make good decisions for America.” She was talking about Obama mandating that the Catholic Church provide contraception. (sigh) What do you expect from a woman driver? I don’t know why everybody is so shocked. But I’m gonna tell you: Her answer sums up the Democrat mind-set perfectly. Democrats want to convince us that personal responsibility is something the government ought to do for us. Do they not? Man, she’s the perfect puppet! She is the ideal perfect puppet with that answer.

But never mind the misogynistic, thuggish puddle of muck that is Rush’s word vomit. Let us move along to the real reason why he is so afraid that his time in the sun will soon be over; he’s outdated and rather silly. After all, Danica has much more authority to discuss birth control than Rush ever will.

Rush Limbaugh hopes to rile up his audience of mostly male conservatives (the type who watch Fox News; older, easily scared and looking for any kind of cheap thrill even if it’s fear) by cutting down a professional driver for being a woman and for answering a loaded question about birth control meant to rile up the nutters about big government taking away their religious freedom (translation: the world is changing and they are losing and it hurts really, really bad) from a questionable outlet. How 80’s of him.

The good news for us is that men like Rush are on their way out. Yes, right now they’re trying to control our bodies any way they can and they’re getting pretty desperate about it.

All of this talk about contraception is none of their business and it’s absurd that they think that it is their business. Luckily for us, it won’t be their business for very long, because this is a losing issue for Republicans and they are clearly on their way out before they hopefully regroup and provide this country with a real political party again, one day years from now.

When that happens, men like Rush Limbaugh certainly won’t be running the clown show. His days as titular head of the GOP are coming to an end soon.

Here’s how a real man discusses women’s health: President Obama said, “As part of the healthcare reform law that I signed last year, all insurance plans are required to cover preventative healthcare at no cost. That means free check-ups, free mammograms, immunizations and other basic services.”

Rush doesn’t realize that men like him are the reason women are so adamant about having access to birth control. Or maybe he does, and that explains his bitterness. Either way, it’s irrelevant what he thinks about it and Danica’s opinion is much more relevant. So much for yet another attempt by Rush Limbaugh to insert himself where he is least wanted. Rush Limbaugh talks loudly but carries a small, wilted stick and he has the Viagra prescriptions to prove it.

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