Republicans Set A World Record For Lies Told At CNN Arizona Debate

Feb 23 2012 Published by under Featured News

A special Politicus Radio post Republican debate program focuses on the 2012 Republican presidential candidates, and their love of lying about America, their own records, and President Obama.

Jason Easley, Sarah Jones and George Sirios take on the CNN Republican debate, listen here:

As Jason wrote for PoliticusUSA last night, the CNN Republican Debate was a surreal exercise in a false fantasy reality wherein President Obama, not Republicans, has the worst record on foreign policy, taxes will be lowered while we go to war with Iran but the deficit won’t be impacted, and birth control is a threat to families.

The most offensive part of last night’s debate was Republicans doubling down on their cynical politics of fear, think George W Bush on steroids. For example, Republicans warned us that if we don’t vote for them, we’re all going to be nuked.

The panel discussed the implications of Republicans utilizing the same fear tactics they did post 9-11, with Jason pointing out that these tactics didn’t work in 2006 or 2008 with Sarah and George adding that they work on a certain segment of the population and thus create division in the country.

What do you think? Are the Republican politics of fear going to work this time, and if not, are there dangerous or moral implications for their fear-mongering rhetoric?


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