Be Afraid Of Michigan, Mitt, Be Very Afraid

Feb 16 2012 Published by under Featured News


So the news breaks today that General Motors made $7.6 billion in 2011, which is up 62 percent from 2010. And last night on Rock Center, Brian Williams’ television news magazine, he reported that a GM plant in Flint, Michigan is once again running a night shift.  Auto workers who had been out of work for several years now have a job once again in their chosen profession. They can feed their families again.

Be afraid, Mitt. Be very afraid.

Not just because you’re currently running behind Rick Santorum in your own home state by roughly 10 percent according to three separate polls (Rasmusssen Reports, Public Policy Polling, and Marketing Resource Group), although that is certainly bad enough. But because, even if you do manage to turn the tables on Santorum in these last few weeks prior to the Feb. 28 Michigan primary – which is costing you still more millions that you in no way should have to spend to defeat a clown like Santorum on your own turf – and if you do still make it all the way to the nomination (hooray..?), you still have to figure out how you’re gonna bring down the Big Dog. POTUS.

How, exactly, do you see yourself dancing into Michigan, expecting to escort her to the prom, when you’re the same one who essentially told her that she should drop dead after you set her prom dress on fire? Hell you treated your dog better than you did your home state, and we all know more than we want to about that sorry affair. All those auto workers in Flint who are now returning to work thanks to the auto bailout you said should never have happened would still be out of work if you’d had your way. I mean, I know you know what it’s like to be unemployed and all after you delivered that heart-rending attempt to bond with the working man but…really?

So I guess the bottom line is this; if you lose Michigan to Santorum which, despite all the fervent denials of the local Republican bigwig supporters, is still a definite possibility, then you’re candidacy is pretty close to toast. Because even if you win the nomination (somehow) you still lose because of the stigma hanging around your neck that you couldn’t even beat Santorum in your home state with millions of dollars at your disposal. And  if you win Michigan, you still had to win coming from behind in your own home state and you had to spend millions in negative advertising to get the job done.

And if you have to spend millions to beat Santorum in Michigan, what do you figure it’s gonna take to beat President Barack Obama? The man who cared about what happened to the auto workers in your state when you didn’t?

Be afraid, Mitt. Be very afraid…

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