Fox Unleashes Crazy Lady Sarah Palin To Claim Obama's Unfit For Office

Feb 15 2012 Published by under Featured News

You know things must be getting desperate for the GOP when Fox News hosts the rumored mentally ill like Sarah Palin to claim Obama is unfit to hold office.

Here is the video from Fox News:

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comTranscript for those who can’t handle watching Palin and Fox News:

GRETCHEN CARLSON: I mean I hate to bring it up but if the economy was worse than he expected wouldn’t you be proposing a budget that had more cuts in it?

SARAH PALIN: You would think so. What he does is defy common sense, and also did you catch what he was saying in there? He is now blaming the estimators, the statisticians, the economists. Everyone else to blame for the economic woes except for his failed policies that is another indication of his naïveté, and his un, un, he’s not fit to hold this office, because we need leadership that will be held accountable, that won’t shy away from taking responsibility for mistakes that they have made.

And President Obama has made many mistakes in allowing increased taxes, allowing government to grow, accumulating trillions and trillions of dollars more in debt. Though yes, as you point out he has promised to cut deficits in half.

As with any claims about a president’s mental competency, it is important to examine the source. There have long been stories about Sarah Palin’s mental issues from staffers at all levels of the 2008 McCain campaign. Nicolle Wallace has been the most vocal in stating her belief that Sarah Palin is mentally ill. After exploiting what they believed was her star power, the Republican Party has by and large kept Palin and her volatile behavior at arm’s length.

Despite all of this Fox News hired Palin and now feels compelled to do something with besides letting her rot away on Fox Business, so they got her wig and makeup on her and trudged her out to the propaganda mother ship, Fox and Friends for a bit of good ‘ol Real America Obama bashing.

Sarah Palin’s claim that Obama is unfit for office because he won’t own up to his mistakes was sidesplittingly funny coming from a woman who quit her job as governor because the net of investigations and ethics complaints was closing in or her.

The “mistakes” that Obama supposedly made that have rendered him unfit for office never actually happened. Palin claimed Obama raised taxes. The truth is that Obama has lowered taxes more than any president in American history. All taxes state, local, and federal are at their lowest levels since 1955. Do you who did raise taxes? Sarah Palin did while she was governor of Alaska.

Palin also claimed that President Obama has grown the size of government, but this also is not true. The truth is that Obama has reduced the size of the federal government, and has 273,000 fewer federal employees than Reagan did.

Sarah Palin also claimed that Obama’s policies have added trillions to the deficit, but this is also not true. According to The Washington Post, Obama’s policies will cost $983 billion by 2017. This means that Obama’s policies will cost about $134 billion a year, compared to George W. Bush who added $5.1 trillion to the deficit in eight years. Do you know who did add mountains of debt? When Palin quit on Alaska, she left the state with the highest debt to GDP ratio in the country. Under Palin, Alaska’s debt equaled 70% of its GDP.

Not only is Barack Obama more than fit for the presidency, but Sarah Palin’s mental state and obvious delusions make her unfit to even pretend to play a politician on Fox News.

If the ravings of a crazed former reality TV star are part of the big plan to bring President Obama down, the GOP is in a whole lot of trouble.

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